Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music to my ears

I had new years resolutions in years past but I tend to let things slip. This year I just jumped in and started before I could procrastinate my dreams away again.

Step one of 2010.

Go back to school
I enrolled in a classical guitar class at the local college. School starts in a few weeks but I had one problem, I needed a classical guitar. If you know me than you know the whirlwind of research and hours of scanning the Internet and reading everything I could to pick the the right guitar while weighing the cost/benefit and factoring in my probability to continue in the genre.

The requirements list slowly grew as I learned the fine points of classical guitar building. The top of the list was buy a Spanish made guitar if you can. Second, if you don't have a fortune on the guitar then a cedar top is the best bet. Lower priced spruce is cut from young trees, is less than stable and may twist over time as the wood "opens up." Ebony fretboard is most desirable. Rosewood back and sides, solid is best but laminated sides and back is ok on guitars less than $1k

The brand is Almansa and she sounds heavenly. You know I love to name my toys. What should I call this beautiful Spanish senorita?

Life is Good