Monday, May 04, 2015

Thinking about Christmas Knitting already.

Went on a little road trip Saturday morning up to Galena IL to have Susan's sewing machine serviced. Galena is about an hour and a half North East of Davenport and the closest authorized service provider. It's a Bernina and if you aren't into sewing, this is the top of the line in sewing machines. Swiss made and just amazing. Susan's machine is over 20 years old but it's like most luxury or high end European car or mechanical devices, built to standards that we aren't used to.  We thought we were going to drop off the machine and pick it up in a week or so but the factory trained serviceman was in the shop doing to adjustments to some of the shop floor models and they said if we could wait a couple hours we might have the machine back before closing. That brought us to what can we do to kill a few hours. Well..... Right across the street is a knit shop that has seen us more than a few times and they have a nice table in the back to sit and knit we thought why not take advantage of the time.

When looking around the shop I saw a hat mitten pattern kit filled with Classic Elite.

The fiber content is Merino Alpaca and Angora. 60% 30% 10%
Do I need more yarn? Not at all and do I have the fiber in my stash to blend this? Yes I do. What color do I want to make this? Since my first thought was a Christmas gift for my Daughter Jenn I went to a soft shell pink and white. 
I couldn't buy the pattern for the kit without buying the yarn so I passed but I thought about finding the pattern at home. That wasn't meant to be because the mittens are a free pattern but the hat is only available in the kit. 
I went looking at other patterns and found this one that I like even better.

  Imagine the red in a shell pink and you have my vision. I have the fiber in the stash so I can blend the merino/alpaca/angora mix to get the right hand while gaining the warmth and halo. This will be my first project in color work and I'm excited to work the whole process. 

Lots more to say and lots of fun stuff happening but I wanted to post more frequently instead of long posts so stay tuned...

Life Is Good