Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Yarn Crawl

Another Saturday and another yarn crawl. Southbound on the 5 was miserable so we had to make some ajustments to our itenerary. We had 5 stores on the list but we decided on two, one new and one of our favorites.

I found a new yarn store Googling the San Diego area. We figured what the hell it was on the way and were we suprised.

Nice cozy shop tucked away in a small shopping center in the seaside town of Solana Beach.
Knitting By the Beach......
The owner, Tanya Alpert was friendly and informed about her inventory and made the visit a pleasure. We were suprised to find yarns not normaly found in the shops we frequent. Not really a fan of cotton but we bought a ball of Cascade Pima Tencel and 3 balls of Lang Silk dream Merino Silk in the most beautiful deepest purple ever.

Then it was off to La Jolla for one of our favorite places.

We perused the inventory and talked to the owner and her wonderful assistant about the trials of lace knitting. We saw a shawl made of Blue Herron Deep space that was AMAZING!!
What an inspiring place to go. There are swatches of most of the yarns and FOs of all kinds all over the stores made of the prettiest fibers. The book selection is the best of any store we know.

We bought a skien of Debbie bliss Pure silk after seeing it in somany stores and touching it every time. After making a test swatch, this is one of our newest favorite yarns. Oh we also bought the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk pattern book and two hanks of Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in Black Purl for good measure

Ok we had to find some nourishment and spend some time enjoying the sun and the ocean so.......

We walked around the corner to burns Drugstore, a really cool place that is like a normal drugstore but also sells tourist trinkets and snacks and even has a Vera Bradley display. What do you expect, we're in a town where there is lots of cash dripping from the shoppers.

Back to the car and we found a supreme spot accross from the beach cliffs that had a grass belt perfect for relaxing and a bit of knitting under the sun

Life is good

Here is a swatch of the Pima Tencel in teal on size 7 rosewoods. So pretty soooo soft. and only $5.50 a ball.

I had to take a picture of this. It looks like two ladies walking with a stroller right?

I know it's hard to see the couple on the bench but thay are staring at this too

A dog in a special stroller....

Red hair and a spoiled dog who doesn't even have to walk. What is the world comming to?

Just a little update on what I'm working on.

I've been working on a tank top called Cherry Bomb in Big Girl Knits, so far soo good. Finished with the torso shaping and learned wrap and turn shaping for the bust. Arm holes and straps are next then the easy back last... Noro Cash Iroha

"Hi, Are you Kenneth?


At the Stitch and Pitch a few weeks ago, we met a group of local knitters ( who meet on Wednesday nights for a S&B. This last Wednesday was our first free night so we decided to check it out. When Mrs. Twisted and I got out of the car, she walked over to a shop window to check out some of the displays while I gathered the man tool-bucket of all yarn bags and her purple bagsmith project bag. As I closed the door of the car this lady walks up and says "Are you Kenneth?" A lady in her forties who was looking for an Internet or blind date we surmised. I said sorry and walked to my lovely bride. We walked across the street and found a throng of protesters who found a captive audience for those who commute through the Orange traffic circle. The funny thing was that there wasn’t much support for the anti-war/anti-abortion/ World Peace crowd, it was more cursing, heckling and middle finger waving from the cars passing the hodge-podge crowd of free speech advocates. We looked back and saw Kenneth; a man about my age and a bit shorter, maybe 6’0" or so meet with the mystery lady as they strolled slowly down the street. We went ahhhhhhh ………she could do better. LOL
Well, the group meets inside a Starbucks that occupies the lobby of a bank. We were both surprised by the size of the group and the room within the bank to house a Starbucks. We arrived early enough to garner two big comfy chairs and settled in. We met most of the group; which even includes other men knitters. Most are working on larger projects like sweaters and clothing. One lady was crocheting an afghan it looked like. The chat was fun and not one sided, most of the group participated in the chatting. Some were spinners and we felt very comfortable - to the point we will return next week. Now if only Mrs. Twisted can get the barrister to make an iced coffee her way!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We really weren't going to buy anything. Honest!

Another Saturday yarn crawl
We found a new LYS that just opened, Hissy Knits in Glendale. For those of you who may not know Mrs. Twisted and I, for us even two hour drive is considered a LYS. Luckily Glendale is less than an hour drive. New store just opened last month with an open setting, not cramped. The tree in the middle was a nice way of dressing up the load bearing support.

One feature that seemed nice and really different was the relaxing outdoor knitting gazebo nestled in the secluded back yard behind the store.

Pergo-esque floors and a novel way of displaying the yarn in paint cans are nice touches.

Noro yarns were the predominate brand and in colorways I have haven't seen in other stores. We selected a couple skein's of Kureyon and some soft classic alpaca for some yet unknown projects.

After a nice discussion with the owner, Annie Tyron, we were off to stop #2

Not very often do you get a card for one store from the owner of a competing store but Hissy Knits wanted to supplement the current stores in the area instead of competing directly. Very progressive business practices for a LYS. We took her up on the recommendation and arrived at "That Yarn Store" in Eagle Rock just a few miles away. Nice store with different Merchandise from Hissy and a few surprises like some Blue Heron Rayon Metalic.

One store that has been on the yarn radar for sometime is "Knit Cafe" on Melrose in Los Angeles. After perusing the store owners new book a few times in one of the Boarders or Barnes we decided to include it on the list for the day. The time spent at stop one and the unexpected 2nd stop meant this was the last new store of the day. Store policy prohibited any pics but the store had top quality high end fiber Twisted Sisters Silk, beautiful Italian cashmere as well as some comfortable friends like Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend.

Nice friendly staff and Yes we bought some stash fluff just because.

Missing from the pic was the Electric Green Twisted Sisters Silk because Mrs. Twisted was already doing a swatch I think.

Last stop for the day was back to A Mano Yarn Center in LA/Venice to pick up another skein of the variegated purple Manos #117 for my mitered rug project. Parking is a bit limited here so we park around the corner and there is a odd store next to the yarn store that I'm sure offends a few of the Leave it to Beaver crowd. check out the cool hand bag in the window.

I imagine some big haired Texan blonde redneck who is fed up with life and hates men because she was replaced with a younger model with bigger boobs carrying this bag.

Here is the haul from A Mano one skein of Manos, one hank of Misty alpaca chunky and a Shawl pattern.

Group photo

Really we didn't mean to buy yarn it just happens. Oh if you don't have a Knitters travel guide you should. We love ours.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ice Cream Socials are alive and well in Ca

Mrs. Twisted and I attended a little social gathering AKA Stitch & bitch with ice cream at one of our favorite LRS "A Mano Yarn Center." This called for a special trip to Gelsons for some Dove ice cream, each person was to bring a pint of their favorite ice cream to share so we brought some good stuff. While we were enjoying the ice cream and the conversation we all sat and knit and shared our projects. Lots of oohhs and aahhs. Needless to say, Mrs. Twisted's scarf was a huge hit. She shared her pattern and copies were made. Pics to come soon... I also found a color of Manos that I don't have het for my mitered squares rug and quickly whiped out a square to see what it looked like. I think it's the favorite so far. Oh it's all different variations in purple I know some silver or rust in the pic but it looks great in person.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Have you ever been the "Token"

Mrs. Twisted and I went to the ist Dodger's "Stitch and Pitch" last night and had a great time surrounded by close to 1,200 knitters. Thanks to the fabulous ladies from A Mano Yarn Center for the great seats and wonderful company.

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know we got there early but We drove from OC during rush hour.
Besides I like watching batting practice.

A knitters view of the game.

Since Mrs. Twisted and I we both went we both received the knitters tote bag filled with one hank of 50/50 wool alpaca and one ball of eye lash yarn, set of #17 bamboo needles, a pattern from one shop and and a plethora of discount coupons to most of the shops participating in the evening festivities.

OK, I know I'm sort of an anomaly but I was actually called the token last night. This lady comes up and say"oh, you knit too?" "You can be our token ok? " I just shrugged my shoulders . I didn't really know what to say but I guess it could be worse.

For those of you close by here was Shannita playing hide and seek or was that just because she ate the garlic fries?

Annette and I playing photo tag

There was a lady three rows in front of making a garment in Rowan Calmer with little red beads that was amazing. It was fun to see what everyone was making and the sharing of projects.

We had a craving in the 5th inning for some ice cream but the thin flexible spoons were ineffective in the frozen block so the FREE # 17 needles served a useful purpose.

Stitch & Pitch #1

Knitters should knit and not sing. LOL

Dodgers Rockies Stitch & Pitch # 2

Check out all the people knitting at Dodger Stadium

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oreo Divas

If you were lucky during one the recent heat wave, you had a chance to migrate close to the beach and enjoy one of the local concerts in the Park that everyone seems to have during the summer months. The Twisted couple ventured out to one of these coastal parks without knowing who the band would be but we have done this for a couple years with generally positive results. With our projects and sand chairs we staked out our place on the lawn and enjoyed the freak show for the next two hours.

We are in the center of WASPy conservatism here so you have to know what you're going to be surrounded by when you mix it up in the OC First off, the band was a Motown cover band. So far so good. Everyone knows the words and it's not too offensive to music lovers. We overhear the conversations of the crowd and surmised the band is called Oreo Divas. Ok, I cant wait to see the shtick they would bring. Well the singers are 15 mins late, but when they arrive what a hoot. Three "ladies" in very very short dresses and shoes that some would refer to as F-me shoes. An Oreo as in two ladies wearing back dresses and the third wearing white. Of course the one wearing white was in the middle. I just wonder how many even got the reference jiggling in the faces.

Drinking in public is illegal as far as I know in Orange County especially in city parks, but when you're rich I guess it's not enforced by the blatant yet casual consumption of only the finest liquors. I must say it wasn't a 40 oz in a freeway flyer, rather champagne with raspberries, martinis, mixed not stirred, and lots of fine wine with couples bringing all the wares, check out the sterling silver fruit dishes for the chilled red grapes and cloth napkins.

With enough alcohol consumed the dancing commenced. First of I'm a tall gangly old white guy who know he can't dance well but Damn! I feel like John Travolta and Gene Kelly (just showing my age) after watching these people. The best was the guy we theorized was a CEO for some large company; he was 5'0" and 60 plus years old, dancing with a blonde trophy at least 30 years his junior. You could tell by the body language she was totally in love with the idea of his money. We just roared at the pairings. lol

Gotta Love the freak show.
The stereotype is correct.
Most Caucasians have no rhythm and should only dance in a dark club with lots of alcohol.