Tuesday, November 29, 2011

secret project update

I know I haven't been writing as much as I had hoped but I wanted to share an update on the super secret swap project. I finished plying the yarn last night. The soaking and drying happened in the last 24 hours and I'm off to the races as far as the knitting goes.
The fiber content is 40% Cormo, 32% Optim and 28% Bamboo. Total of 1255 yards of light fingering weight yarn. I drum carded this to blend and spun long draw from 4 two plus ounce batts. This is the softest woolen spun and my most consistent spinning to date. The Cormo and Optim give it such softness and the Optim and Bamboo give it a sheen like silk. This was the first project I spun using the Woolee winder and it worked better than I expected. Being able to spin for 30 to 40 minutes without stopping made this go really fast. The project calls to knit this up with undyed yarn and to dye the yarn after it's knit up to achieve the pattern. I can't share the pattern yet but I think it's going to look really cool when it's finished and I only have 17 days to knit this up so wish me luck. :)