Saturday, September 05, 2015

a little sewing thrown in for good measure...

I've been spinning some lately and I wanted to come up with different way to hold my fiber when I spin in public. The yarn shop bags are fun but not very personal.

I've had some fabric for a few years but never thought to make a "transport/storage" device with any of it until today.

In the past I've talked about docents and mentors, today I had a chance to learn from my sewing mentor. We each have our own strengths and today I'm the student. After describing my idea for the bag, Susan said we could make a draw string flat bottom bag to hold the batts I often spin from.

Yes I've sat behind a sewing machine a few times in my life but I want to start learning the art of sewing, not just how to run a few stitches over some fabric. So I made the suggestion that we walk through the process and then she suggested that she will make a miniature bag side by side so  I can look, learn and then reinforce by doing.

The fabric was a red to pink ombre rose pattern.

Excuse the cellar door being open but I'm glad the ironing board was in the shot. This is an extra tall and wide ironing board. The two machines on the table are like opposite ends of the spectrum. Susan has a Bernina made is Switzerland where mine is a the budget Husqvarna Romeo made in Sweden. Don't get me wrong, my Husqvarna works like a dream but it's like driving a luxury sports car over the functional everyday driver car. Maybe one day when I win the lotto I may buy a Bernina,, but right now I'm thrilled to have my Husqvarna. 

A little pressing to make it look sharp and a trip to Jo-ann's for some silk ribbon to make the tie. 

The example/sample on the left made by Susan that will become a single ball project bag and my "Batt Bag"  

The flat bottom helps the bag stand up when loaded. Learning a cool technique to do this from what looked like a pillowcase, priceless. 

Easily holds 7 to 8 ounces of fiber in the form of drum carded batts without compacting the fiber.
What a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks Susan 

   Life is Good