Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Saturdays Yarn Crawl

Saturday was so HOT, unless you and stayed in air-conditioning. We decided on our car and yarn stores. Mrs. Twisted and I went on another of our fabulous road trip yarn crawls. The agenda for the day included Unraveled in Monrovia, Jennifer Knits in L.A. (really it was in Brentwood) and if time permitted we would swing by A Mano yarns in L.A. ( Really in the Venice Beach area). Well, after the first stop we were a little dissapointed in the limited selection and we were passing one of our happy place yarn shops so we detured to Unwind. There was a Kool-aid dying class going on as we walked in but the owner was very graciuos and friendly as usual. Mrs. Twisted picked up some rowan tweed and I bout some Lorna's Laces Black purl shepard sport and two patterns for t's

We lucked out upon a ½ off sale at Jennifer knits.

Check out the new Project bag from Namaste. 1/2 off!!!

Jennifer Knits was wall to wall platnum card people who wouldn’t think twice of spending $55.00 per ball of cashmere for a sweater that requires 8 to 10 balls. After warming up the plastic a bit we were on our way , a little poorer but happy with bargains, towards the cool ocean breezes of Santa Monica for a nice walk on the pier and hot dog on a stick.

OMG they are the best when you get them at the original location and watch some beach volley ball. By the way some people should never take off there shirt in public. Just watching the freaks of nature in Santa Monica is worth the trip..

On the way to Santa Monica we passed some normacly for Ca that would seem odd if not in the land of fruits and nuts.

Miniature car shaped like a shoe, parked in front of a shoe store.

Statue that looks like an escapee from Easter Island

Cha Cha Cha Chia head in front of a hair salon ( like the gardener is going to cut my hair like he does the ivy covered head.

Three happy men waiting for their spouses to finish shopping, or so we imagined.

Where is Jaws the shark when you need him/her

I’ll have pics of the Stash enhancement as soon as I can take them.

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