Monday, October 13, 2008

Long time no blog.

Hi everyone, I know it's been way too long and lots has been going on here but not everything I care to share on such a public forum but we're doing fine. I want to thank everyone who e-mailed when I seemed to be blog MIA.

A few scattered thoughts just to get myself off center;

Last week I turned 49 and I'm looking forward because the past is behind me now. I cant change what I've already done but I've made a few changes to make the future better.

I stopped drinking soda on September 4th, cold turkey and have only had a few since. This came about when we went to the recycling center and they handed me more than $15 the last two months for all the empty cans. It was kind of an eye opening slap in the face. How could we be consuming so much that we were getting $15 for the empties in a month. We attended a house warming last month where I fell off the wagon and had a few ginger ales at Pubknitters but I'm holding steady. I was drinking at least 60 to 72 ounces every day before stopping. I'm still drinking iced tea but no sugar added. Each morning I'm having a large bowl of Quaker oatmeal and the results are wonderful. My BP is down and I've lost about 15 lbs and I feel great. The greasy, fattening but great tasting food on the catering truck is gone too. This wasn't an all out diet change but a little modification that has had some positive results. I promise This won't become a diet blog but it's nice that my clothes fit better.

We had a package of those amazing Dove Dark Chocolate Promise candies and this was one of the thought provoking statements. "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" This sort of sounded like frogging back a project and re-reading the instructions and trying it again.

I did some dyeing last month and the results were very good. Targhee and Cormo.

Some Targhee in a new process that worked out pretty well.

The Targhee after it dried and all braided up.

4 ounces of Cormo

On the knitting front, I'm still working on the Flickering Flames skirt.

This picture is a little old but according to the Excel sheet I have set up it says 35% of the rounds complete out of the 130 rounds. The issue is when I get to round 47 I double the stitches again. I'm at 18.675% of the 89,640 stitches or 16,740 stitches complete.

The Mrs and I have enjoyed the public library a lot lately. I'm looking for the perfect list of books to read before you die not that I'm on a time table but trying to fill that void that only reading does. It's hard to find that balanced list of classics and contemporary authors. The more I read the more my eyes open. We just watched "Sense and Sensibility" today and I loved the story and the books of Jane Austen are high on my personal list now.
The deep imagery playing out in the mind each time you turn the page. The Mrs. wonders how I can listen to music with noise canceling headphones and still concentrate on what I'm reading but I can close off the outside world with pseudo white noise and still bebop to the music.

Right now I'm reading John Steinbeck's Cannery Row and on deck are The complete short stories of Marcel Proust, Carpathian Castle by Jules Vern, a biography of Nikola Tesla and one of Andy Summers from the Police. the plan is to read a book per week or more. While looking at digital books they give estimated minutes to complete the book. I know it's just a range but it looked like 5 to 10 hours of reading per book for most of the books I have on my radar.

I'm looking at E-book readers so I don't have to lug the books around but $130 -$350 seems a lot to give you just a little convenience. I like the idea of instant access to a dictionary and multiple books in case I feel like I want to read something different that day without having multiple books with me. The Kindle looks good but the Sony seems better to me and the Ebookwise reader may be just enough for a lot less money.

OK I have so much to say but I'll continue this another day.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Congrats on quitting soda and the beautiful fibers. My favorite Jane Austen (after S&S) is Persuasion. :)

  2. Congratulations and belated Birthday wishes from me too!! :)

    I agree about Persuasion, lovely story and I love the BBC/ITV dramatisations as well :) Jane Austen is one of my favourite authors, so witty and funny :)

  3. Its great to see a post from you, even though I keep up with you on Plurk :)
    Awesome job on eating (and drinking) better. I've incorporated apples into my work-day for a snack instead of cheetos or cookies.
    Love the purple and beautiful teal rovings ;)

  4. Hi Jerry, It was nice to see a new post. Congratulations on your weight loss! I hope to see you some Tuesday in the near future :-)

  5. Welcome back! You were missed.

  6. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I too went way off the soda because I could not believe how much money I was spending. I drink soda now, but about one per week, averaged over a year.

    Yes, I noticed you did not blog for 6 weeks.

    The fiber looks really nice. I still have not yet gotten multiple colors to work out in my dyeing. But since "kettle-dyed" yarns are so popular, I might be okay with the monochrome. Or I will tell myself that I am... I want to keep trying new things.

    eBook readers. I do not think I would want yet another device to lug around. I have a friend who uses a Treo to read eBooks, but setting that up seemed to involve beheaded chicken rituals and Santeria. I had hoped there would be an iPhone app pre-installed because that would have really penetrated the market.

    I want the convenience of electronic text, but I worry about persistence of information when it can be changed invisibly--- this is especially true of things read online instead of downloaded. But if someone came up with electronic knitting patterns and promised to actually fix the errata... I would be all over that. If they could do it so the chosen size was merged into the instructions (instead of every single stitch counted instruction looking like a multiple-guess question) that would be awesome.

  7. Anonymous10:11 PM

    It's nice to see you writing again. You have been missed. The world doesnt seen right without the thoughts and comments of the Twisted One...

  8. Nice to see you posting again. Your dyes turned out gorgeous! I think the Targhee is my favorite but they're both so pretty.
    Good for you for quitting the soda. I've switched to Caffeine Free Diet but that's as far I've gotten so far.
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  9. Stacey11:14 PM

    Glad to see you back :)

    I've missed you and Debbie!

  10. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Your rovings are breathtaking! Beautiful! I can't wait to see them spun up. Glad all is well, nice to see you posting again! Missed the updates!

    Also? Just so you know? The project bag is amazing. I use it every day.

  11. Jerry,

    Welcome back. You have been missed!

    The rovings are totally fab and the skirt just blows me away.

    I hope you had a grand birthday and that your pathes are running smoother.

    Also, congrats on the weight loss. Very cool. My doc keeps telling me to make little changes and I would see big results. She is so lame, her favorite thing is "a little change can make you such a LOSER." But she right, it is the only time I like feeling like a LOSER.

    Hope to see you a bit more regularly!

  12. Glad to see your back....the fiber is awesome and the pop diet is always a winner. Hope your hanging out here more, good luck to you.


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