Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beautiful Flowers and a little spinning video

Here is a little post to show why we live in Southern Ca. My condolences to the people elsewhere who are fighting the poor weather. We love to take a trip to Rogers Garden's around Christmas because they always make everything extra special. It's not far but it's worth the trip. The sun was warm and the air was a little crisp but it was wonderful. We had 65 glorious degrees of Fahrenheit today and expect 70 tomorrow. If you click on the pictures they will fill the screen with color.

They always add some Kale to make the landscape look pretty. The rest of the pictures were just the pretty flowers of which we love to go see. Oh they have Christmas ornaments inside too. We try to buy one each year to commemorate our visit. The grounds looked as immaculate as always but what an amazing job they did if you knew that we've had rain and wind off and on for the last week.

I love the Poppy Flowered Anemone especially in purple.

The honeybees don't know it's winter time here.

This was my favorite flower this trip.

I thought I would share a little spinning video of me relaxing in the Ikea chair wearing my basketball shorts and man-monkey socks in front of the fire. The fiber is superwash Merino and I'm spinning long draw woolen style. I'm not sure what the end product will be yet but probably something small because it's only 8 ounces.

Align Left

I hope I didn't scare you away with my legs lol

Life is Good


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Oh and no, I'm not scared off by those legs-they're spinning!! It's all good. :-))

  2. Beautiful flowers! And cute legs too! Loving the long draw spinning.

  3. It was 71F when I woke up yesterday morning, then massive rain shower with the incoming cold front, cooler and cooler throughout the day, needed a jacket when I went to my friend's potluck last night, and the gas fireplace was roaring when I woke this morning. Good weather to curl up on the couch and knit.

  4. The flowers are lovely. THat does look like thae perfect place to visit at Christmas. Thanks for the condolences. IN the past few days, we have experienced all kinds of nasty weather, ice, cold, more ice, and then flooding. Take care.

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I'm Blind!
    Just kidding.

    Merry Merry.

  6. Cruel. Just cruel.

    Oh, I meant the flowers. Your legs are quite nice. ;-)

  7. What a great technique you have for spinning (you get an ab workout in at the same time!). I'm practicing long-draw on my spindle in preparation for my wheel to arrive this week! Thanks!

  8. Stacey12:51 AM

    I probably said the same thing last year when you mentioned Roger's Gardens...but I need to go there one of these days...

  9. I saw a lot of Kale in NYC this month.
    I found you via other people on plurk, hope you dont mind the add to my blog list :)


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