Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something Fiber this way comes

Doing lots of fiber buying and not much spinning or knitting lately.

I'll talk about the fiber in a few minutes.

I've been looking at some alternative modes of transportation. I know most of you would be opposed to this but I really miss the way it feels to ride.

I was looking at one of these
The problem is I'm 6'5" and my feet feel like they would drag and the feeling of my feet forward of my hips and shoulders just feels wrong to me. I used to ride motocross when I was younger and I prefer the feeling of my feet below me and not the Barcalounger position that most cruisers put you in.

Next was the research and the realization that buying an Italian sportbike is not a great idea for a daily commuter. The Ducati was hard to pass on but it's the opposite of the barcalounger and close to the head first luge. A few weeks ago I took a little roadtrip and looked at lots of bikes and think I've settled on this.
This is a Buell, the engine has it roots in the Harley but the rest is sport bike. I think it's a lot like buying a spinning wheel or even a car. You need to feel comfortable and it needs to fit you. This fits me and it very comfortable with my body size. I know what you are thinking, they're so dangerous and if this was a BB gun it would be "you'll shoot your eye out".

ok on to safer things. LOL

We attended the hand weavers conference in Riverside this last weekend. A lot of fiber vendors were there so it was like going to Stitches West for fiber with out having to go to Santa Clara.

This came before last weekend but it's been a while since my last post. I also have 28 ounces of black merino and 20 ounces of merino seacel and some merino silk that I won't bore you with the endless pictures. oh on to the endless pictures of what I just bought lol
I'll go in reverse this time. The family shot.
This is softer than I can share with you in pictures. It's 80/20 merino silk. Not my normal colors but I really reaching out of the box. The fiber came from a local source "Susan's Kitchen.
Here are some Batts from the same source.

Here is something that looked just like the name. One of my freinds had a booth with her hand dyed fiber and soaps Lisa. The fiber is merino tensel colorway Pearl
Some more fiber from yet another friend Lori Lawson. This is way out of her box for color selection. Merino tussah and so soft.

and last but not least some dyed fiber from Margie who was in the Capistrano Fiber Arts booth.
ok so I didn't completely go out of the box with color.
Now I need to start spinning it.

Oh my annual Cormo fleece(s) are heading to Morro Bay till June or so. more on that later. So much more to say but I need to head to bed soon.


  1. are you crazy??? You'll shoot your eye out!


    I cannot say that I blame you. Our gas prices went down to $1.50 at Christmas and are inching back up (this morning I noticed it was $2.04). I am fortunate that public transportation gets me to/from work in a rather seemless manner.


    Hope your new job is going well and

  2. so, for whatever reason, I quit commenting mid-comment . . . duh.

    and that you are finding it fulfilling and satisfying or at least the pay fulfilling and satisfying.

    The fiber is fabulous. Maybe someday I'll spin. My sister keeps trying to convince me that it is the way to go and my future son-in-law is a farmer who is seriously considering sheep/alpaca.

    Take care.

  3. Lots of things in life are "dangerous". You could get conked in the head with a tree branch on a walk! My philosophy is use all due care and you will be fine! Buells are nice!

    Gorgeous fiber haul! You sure won't be able to take the bike to a fiber fest - LOL! At least not without saddle bags and a HUGE backpack!

  4. I don't know much about motorcycles but I really like the looks of the first one.....shiny......red..... And if others disapprove that's their problem not yours. The only opinions that matter are yours and Mrs. Twisted.

    That's quite a fiber haul. I'm not up to that level of procurement. I'm holding off until I get my wheel fixed or replaced. And my knitting mojo has been off for about 3 weeks anyway.

    Hope all is well with the new job and the rest of life.

  5. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Have you thought about a Yamaha V-Star? They are a nice cruiser. Anyways, beautiful fiber, cant wait to see what you create with your new stock...T

  6. Ohmygodpleasetakemeoutonarideifyougetone.
    Thank you.


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