Monday, September 21, 2009

Spinning and the birth of the French Dip

A little spinning was happening this weekend.

Some BFL that I purchased a few months ago.
I'm spinning it woolen so it may look a little uneven but it's just extra soft.
Here is what it looked like in roving form.

Last Friday I joined a plurk post card swap because it's working out better for me than the other swaps or I guess I should say most of the other swaps. I did have a few really good swaps but a few real stinkers too.

Saturday we went to Philippe's in downtown Los Angeles for the first time. I know a native of Southern California should have eaten here before but I hadn't. The hype was all true. This was where the French Dip sandwich was born. We saw the segment on Huell Houser and decided on the visit. If you get the chance, try the roast lamb, mmmmmm good.

I hope you all have a great week.

Life is Good


  1. I love Philippe's! We (some friends and I) used to go to little-girl-dress sales downtown, spend the night camping on the sidewalk, and then go to Philippe's for "breakfast" French dips!

  2. The yarn is really pretty and I love the color combinations. Any plans for it?

  3. hola! I love Philippe's! I was just in Downtown LA in August for Federal Jury Duty and made sure Philippe's was my first stop after checking in to the hotel - yum yum yum - and pumpkin pie!

  4. Really interesting, always interesting posts. I hope you are well and healthy!


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