Monday, February 08, 2010

Hold me

Hi everyone, not much knitting or spinning lately but I see an increase in the future. I'm starting my class on Thursday, Beginning Classical guitar.  Read down to see the new guitar.  Oh I named her Kay. She's Spanish and I thought Latin name and loved the recommendation of Kay, Kay Cidea,  I know it's may be a little silly but it's perfect.

I've been listening to some music lately and heard one last night for the first time in a long time. Do certain songs reach out to you or touch you? The first time I heard this song it struck me as if someone looked into my soul. It's not what you would think of as a typical man's point of view. He looks at himself as the weak one and looks to his soul mate as the strength that keeps him safe. The hollow wanting voice that is searching for her. He feels lost without her. The crescendo of him begging for her to hold him and give him strength. Very telling, exposing his soul to the world. 

Life is Good

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  1. Great song, I hadn't heard it before. Good luck with your lessons!


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