Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year everyone.
I'm setting some things in place to change my life for the better.
My goals for 2017 are as follows
1. Try and remove the toxicity from my life.
2. Zero visits to the Emergency Room. I had a couple in the last few years that I hope will never happen again.
3. Remove the bad eating habits. Will help in goal 1 and 2.
4. Make an effort to take my professional life to the next step in ways that may even include relocation.
5. Stop trying to be more positive and just work on step 1. Self sabotage and negative attitudes about myself are just excuses and I will focus on what I need to be a better person.
6. More personal growth and less wasting of my life. Be more accountable to myself. Spending time reading and enjoying the fiber arts.
Starting tomorrow I will take on a challenge that will kick start things. I haven't had a soft drink since October 16th and it's been tough but I can see the effort is getting easier. The other items on the list will be more challenging but I can see the month doable and I'm actually looking forward the task. Tomorrow is shopping day so I'll plan the meals with the thought of eating right or not eating the bad foods and not having the "bad foods" in the house to tempt me.
Edited to show my baseline. First of all, let me state that I'm doing this publicly to keep myself true to this challenge.
Height 6'4"
Beginning weight 230.02 lbs
BMI 27.7 (I know some people don't like the BMI measurement but for me it's just another metric to follow)
TBW (total body water percentage) 62.3%
Total Fat 22.4%
My expectations? I would be happy to loose 4% of my weight in the 30 days. About 10 lbs.
Yes I plan to return to the gym like all the other New Years people.
I won't blather on about this each day but I will post more often and I plan to do some blog posting too. If you see numbers at the bottom of my posts, they will be listed like this
CW (current weight) 230.02
BMI 27.7
TBW 62.3
TF 22.4
CC (calories consumed daily amount) 0
CB (calories burned) 0
DC (delta change from baseline) 0

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