Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Little Stars Hollow

It's hard to find the small town feel in Southern California but their are tiny pockets of it if you look hard for it. I'm not sure if you watch Gilmore Girls but we would love to live in the small town of Stars Hollow and enjoy the activities that are normal in such a setting. We attend a Stitch & Bitch in a town that has some of this flair. Tonight we attended a Candle light procession concert and Christmas tree lighting ceramony. It's nice when the town closes the main cross streets for the sake of comunity culture. They arranged for an outdoor concert by a full ohchestra of 65 persons and a choir of 150+. Sound system lighting and hundreds of chairs. But with all the size and grandure it still remains a small town. The Mayor is a native of the town and that's hard to find that anymore in So Ca. "Taylor Doose" is encarnated the mayor here. The chamber of comerce couldn't have created a better advertisement than this guy.

It's about 65 degrees here tonight yet since it's Christmas time everyone insist on wearing silly hats and dressing for the north pole

I'm in a tee shirts, shorts and flips because it's not cold it just Christmas time.

This hat looked like it could be replicated with Berrocco Suede and some fluff

for those of you who like you Tube...

oh and sorry for rotating the camera. Bad Idea on Video


  1. Oh I miss Orange. I totally want to move back there. I miss walking through the circle.

  2. Typical! Just like a man to keep me waiting...

    -- Michelle


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