Friday, December 01, 2006

Exciting news

I joined the sock club at Posh Yarns in the UK this morning! Each month we get enough fiber to make one pair of luxury socks in special colorway only available to the members.
For all of you fiber snobs, (we know who we are) this place has the most beautiful cashmeres and silks. I cant wait to get the first shipment. The sock club was closed since August and it's limited to only 50 people so I'm jazzed to get in. The Mrs. and I will be making some nice socks shortly. I know, I know we really don't need anymore yarn but this was special. See my post on enabling if you have any questions....

Thanks to Dee @ Posh Yarns!


  1. Your secret pal4:06 PM

    Hmmm, there was a line in your post I don't understand. Perhaps you could clarify? It was where you said "I know, I know we really don't need anymore yarn..." How can that be? There is always a need for more yarn, isn't there?

  2. Oooh. I visited Posh Yarn and found some silk that is perfect for a project I have been wanting to knit. Congratulations on the sock club - it sounds like fun! I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. Mrs Twisted12:12 PM

    Hah hah J's secret pal! The truth is we don't "need" any more yarn in the physical sense. But we sure do need in every other sense! Oh to lay our tired eyes on the glorious colors, to touch the fine soft fibers, to breathe in the sheepy goodness...Ok, I'm getting carried away and I draw the line at tasting the stuff, but you get the idea. We have an addiction and its wonderful, don't you think?


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