Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sheep-less Shepherd's Pie

Question of the Week #8

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

For added flavor (Get it?..."flavor"...I crack myself up!), post a photo or recipe link.

Really, the weather here is pretty moderate year around. I don't really have summer or winter meals like you would have in the North East so I just thought I would post what I cooked tonight. I do most of the cooking in the house and we cycle through about 20 favorite meals. Occasionally I remember a meal my Mom used to cook or one that peeks it's way out of the deep recesses of my aging brain. The hardest part is to cook for 2 people. Most of my recipes are for 4 to 6 and this is for three very hungry people or four adults.

The Sheep-less Shepherd's Pie

10 ounces of lean ground beef
2 cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 1/2 cups frozen peas
8 servings of mashed potato
Just a sprinkle of shredded mild cheese.

I use instant potatoes in this recipe because you can achieve the right stiffness
Idahoan is my choice of instant potatoes.

2 2/3 cups flakes
2 2/3 cups water
1cup milk
2 tablespoons butter
Prepare the 8 serving method on the box in a medium saucepan.

Brown the ground beef in a skillet and drain the excess fat
open the cans of soup (do not add water to the soup) and mix over a medium flame.
Add the peas and bring to a soft boil.
Remove from flame.
At this point I transfer the meat filling to a glass mixing bowl and rinse the skillet.

Spread the prepared potatoes in the 10" skillet to form a pseudo crust.
I use a tea spoon to lift the potatoes and give it peaks. This helps to brown in the last step.

Take the skillet and put it in a 350 degree pre-heated oven for 30 minutes.

Add the garnish of cheese for taste and color and serve.
MMMMMM good and very filling.


  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Yummy, my mom made the same thing, need to make it again

  2. This looks so good and easy enough for me to try! Thanks for posting it. :)

  3. Good choice on the instant taters, says this born-in-Idaho girl. If you buy ground longhorn [the 4% fat kind that I buy], you don't even have to drain it after browning.

    We don't have seasons here in TX, either. Just February and summer. I'll make this when it gets under 90F, maybe mid-November?

  4. I've never done it with instant taters!! I'm all over quick and easy taters! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jerry,

    I haven't made Shepherd's Pie in forever. My Mom always made it with green beans and tomato soup because she hated peas and mushroom soup (LOL). When I make it, I usually use mixed frozen vegetables . . . of course, I grew up in a house where peas were rarely served and carrots were only put in soups or stews.

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Wow, a real Lutheran church basement supper staple. Somewhere little old ladies in sensible shoes and aprons are giving you grim faced props. Yo.


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