Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year everyone.......

Just a few updates; Tonight was my first Iowa Caucus. I participated and it was quite interesting to see how this works after voting for 32 years in California. It was held at one of the local High Schools here in town. I thought we would be in the Gym but they had a HS basketball game going on so we met in the cafeteria.  I read about what was going to happen before I arrived so I sort of understood the goings on.

These are the people who live around me or at least the ones who showed up. I sat down and met some nice people and partook in the process by casting my ballet. Before the vote, each candidate had one supporter speak in support of them by one of the constituents. No voting booths, just a slip of paper with all the names of the candidates in my party. They came around with a paper grocery bag to collect the ballets. They tallied the votes before I left and there were only 74 votes cast. I could have became a delegate if I really wanted to. We could select 5 people and three alternates to go to the state meetings later this year. I passed on the opportunity but maybe in two years.

I did take advantage of the time and knit a little.  My first caucus and so why not knit at my first caucus? I didn't see anyone else knitting but when has that stopped me from knitting? I'm not a caucus virgin anymore.

Last post I talked about the snobby swap I was in. Well, now that it's over for me I can talk about it in detail here.  Here is the package I sent.

This was the cowl I sent. Pretty Thing by the Yarn Harlot.
My down stream swap partner was 8 months pregnant when the box arrived. She asked for a WPI gage so I ordered the one I love from my Etsy source. I included some fun candy that I enjoyed as a child and a baby knits book so she can create some toys for her new daughter. As a bonus I shared 5 ounces of pin drafted Cormo for her to spin.

You can read the thread here if you want.

This is what arrived today for me....

 Clockwise from the top; A handspun hand knit fair isle hat. a beautiful card with a lovely sentiment from a magnificent spinner knitter. 2 ounces of purple cultivated silk. Three local treats from her home in Idaho. Huckleberry jam, Huckleberry coffee and Moose poop( chocolate chunk toffee).
The people in this swap/group on Ravelry are amazing spinners. The yarn looks machine spun and the construction is flawless. I felt honored to participate.

I'm spinning some merino right now. 4.2 ounces heading towards a 2 ply fingering weight semi worsted yarn.

I'm working on converting my normal knitting style to continental so I'm spinning this counter clockwise and will ply clockwise. Green is not my normal color but it's growing on me.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to the new year like I am.

No goals or resolutions this year, I'm just going to do the best I can at being me.

Life is Good

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  1. Happy New Year Jerry! Nice to see you involved in your community! Absolutely love the cowl and what a thoughtful gift to send! And what a great gift to receive. I love seeing what you are creating, so keep the posts coming!


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