Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The last hurrah before the cold white stuff comes...

We had a 57 degree day with snow looming for tonight and single digits.  So I took this opportunity to take my last ride before the cold weather shuts down the bicycle riding season for a few months. We have a nice bike/walking path about a mile from the house. An hour of hard riding and burning 930 calories felt good. For those of you who care, my food intake for today was 1381 calories. Today was the weigh in day and I lost two pounds for the week.

I'm spinning the BFL and will finish the first two ounces late tonight. I forgot how easy and fun it is to spin BFL. The fiber drafts so well and the spinning looks so soft and even. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the first bobbin and show you all.

Time to spin some more now :)

Life is good


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