Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nuns who wear wedding bands

I haven't talked much about my schedule but I drive two runs to Memphis each week that takes me away from home on average about 35 to 40 hours. If I leave at midnight Wednesday and get home anywhere between 8 AM to 3PM on Friday. The company has 3 drivers, one of us leaves each night except Sunday nights. The schedule rotates so one week I'm off Mondays and some weeks I'm off Tuesdays and so on. One of the benefits of this company is that after 6 runs you get "5 days off." When you say 5 days off in the trucking industry that means that you have some part of 5 calendar days off. Typically I get home for this 5 days off mid-day Saturday and I have to return to the shop to leave around 11 PM the following Wednesday. This makes attending knit nights sporadic at best. That being said, I was off tonight and Susan and I went to the local library that has a weekly knit group. What a nice group of ladies. Most of them are beginners with a couple experienced ladies who are teaching first timers most of the times we attended. We have a Sister, Nun or whatever the pc term they are called now who attends. I noticed that she had a wedding band on and on the ride home Susan told me that the Nuns here wear a wedding ring because they gave their life to God. Learned something new today.

The temp here is in the single digits so everyone was bundled up at the knit night. I wore my hat that was sent to me in the last hand-spun swap. Seeing all the hand knit scarves and hats is fun because you don't see them as much in the warmer climates. 

If you were wondering what I was knitting on at the knit group? I'm knitting on the Baby Surprise Jacket and doing the color changes. I know that most of the seasoned knitters would be ripping through this project but for some reason the pattern and I don't get along very well. I'm not giving up and with the little two person knit-a-long that Susan and I are doing is making it way easier and motivating me to press on. 

I wanted to share something else with all my (handful of faithful and much appreciated ) readers. I found this mug at TJ Max for $3.99 that just spoke to me. The tag line at the end of my posts is Life is Good but this said "all is good". The cheery yellow inside, positive words and the huge scale just made me feel good.

School is going ok right now. I'm taking a English literature class and this is the last English course of my educational career. I had to analyze a short story and after hearing the back story of the original French version of "Little Red Ridding Hood"it made me really look at the story differently.  The long drive time to listen to the text book for this class really helps with all the required reading. Two weeks down and three to go, the hardest part is writing the weekly term paper due each Monday.

Life is Good

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Good to hear that school is going so well for you. TJ Maxx is a cool store to fine little treasure's. I should know, worked for them many moon's ago ;-)



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