Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blending Bliss

Today was another wonderful spinning guild meeting. Janel, the programs director, continues to give the guild fun and educational activities. This was the kitchen sink drum carder project. She requested that if you had a drum carder to please bring it and all member were asked to bring any excess fiber or ends to put into the communal pile. I realized that I should have taken a picture of the huge pile-o-fiber but it's amazing what some people donated to the cause. This one lady brought a whole box of sari silk that had to be cut up into little bits so it would go through the carder. Someone else had pounds of Optim merino that was part of a previous dye experiment. Should have taken a few pictures of the overall room so you can see how incredible this looked. We had 15 plus drum carders and at least 50 pounds of fiber to pick through to make our kitchen sink batts.

We were asked to partner up so we wouldn't just be standing around waiting. Melissa, a friends from a couple other groups had brought her carder and would rather have someone she knew to partner with.

Her turn at the crank while I prep the fiber.

She had bought this carder almost two years ago but she learned so much from the few ladies who put on the program.

Here was my first try.
I have the unshaven Saturday look going. But this was so much fun and I felt so creative looking for colors that would compliment each other.

Here is a little video of me at the carder short but fun. Watch your fingers please!

Here are the batts I came home with.

#1 Side one ... Notice the bright pink shiny fiber. This was at the suggestion of Mrs twisted and one of the ladies there who was assisting us. It did turn out nice.

#1 Side two

#2 side one. Looks a little like #1 well almost.

Until you turn it over.

#2 side 2

The next batt is the softest by choice. I scoured the fiber table and looked for the softest fibers and found some dyed Optim slyver and other soft merino to blend.

#3 side 1
Not my favorite choice of colors but it feels like a dream. It looks amazing in person, peach, camel and pink all blended.

#3 side 2

Mrs Twisted had a turn at one of the empty carders and she just glowed with happiness. "This is so much fun" she said as she looked up, grinning.

This was her try.

These were the three mini batts that we made while we learned the basics of the blending technique.

I know some of you are already asking yourself and the answer is yes We are buying a drum carder now. :)


  1. Drum carder = next year's bonus. I will have been in the new place nearly a year at that point, and I ought to have my studio whipped into shape.

    "Ought to" being the operative words.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time - Isn't the pin-drafted fiber the best! Sheri from Morro Bay does the best job with fiber, I love the way she processes any fiber, and Cormo! That must be delicious!

    See you soon!

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Like "stone soup" the coolest part is that you all made beautiful batt "somethings" out of the communal pot of "nothings". I'm looking forward to seeing what you spin up & knit : )
    - Denise

  4. Why am I not surprised that you two are now going to buy a drum carder? :-) Those batts you made are fabulous!

  5. Anything that makes Mrs. Twisted glow with happiness needs to be obtained yesterday. Of course you will need to set up a dye kitchen and storage room for the fiber.


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