Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Cormo has landed

Today when I arrived home from work I had a box waiting for me. Yes Yes Yes the 1st box of Cormo was here.
I really didn't have any idea of what to expect but this is better than I could have ever expected. It's so soft and airy. Like clouds in heaven.

This is only 2.77 pounds of the 9 or 10 pounds coming my way. I can't describe how soft this fiber is.

I don't want to keep going on but can you tell I'm excited?

Looks like soft serve ice cream from Dairy Queen doesn't it?

Over the weekend I eclipsed 15,000 hits on the blog. it's hard to imagine that many visits to read my silly ramblings. Thank you to all who visit, I really appreciate the comments.


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    all that white fluffiness....DIVINE!!!

  2. I love Sheri's coils. She does such a terrific job!

  3. Exciting! It is gorgeous fiber.

    Yes, it does make me want a DQ ice cream cone.

  4. It *does* look like Dairy Queen! :-) So, what are you going to do with 9 or 10 lbs of this? Well, besides spin it? :-)

  5. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Jerry, I love reading your posts! The cormo is wonderful. It will be fun to see it evolve into yarn & projects. - Denise

  6. Stale Peeps8:34 PM

    I just want to jump in it :)


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