Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new swap

Just a little update here. I joined a holiday swap yesterday.  Ravelry has a group called "Snobby Spinners" and they have an annual swap of like minded fiber snobs. Here is the outline of the swap. Participants will spin a skein of yarn and then create a single skein item for their assigned recipient. Items can be knit, crocheted or woven. This is what is expected along with the simple little goodies that people include with the main swap gifts. I looked over the pictures from last year and was pleasantly surprised. The norm was a hank of handspun fiber and one F.O. from another hank of handspun along with the goodies. These are the people who love spinning with fine fiber. If you have been reading my blog very long you know I prefer the fine and near skin soft fiber/yarn. Sounds like a promising swap to me. The partners will be pared up this week so I can start the stalking and planning.

I finished the 2nd four ounces of the blue Rambouillet Sunday night.  I will post pictures after I send it to the bath.

Speaking of pictures....   I'm apprenticing under a professional photographer so I can be her 2nd or 3rd shooter when she shoots weddings. In preparation for this I'm going to update the stash photos and load them into Ravelry. I have the stash in a master spreadsheet but just a fraction is in Ravelry. So I get some shooting practice and my stash will get entered in Ravelry. One of the positives is using a Canon 5D with a wide array of professional lenses and studio lighting.  Win Win

Life is Good


  1. The 5D is a nice camera! And to have all the goodies available to you....very good. :)As a photographer myself, good equipment is always a boon.

  2. Hey, Jerry, I have it on my calendar that today is your birthday! Hope it is a great one.


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