Friday, September 09, 2011

Reduction in number of gadgets

About a year ago I had an accident with my MP3 player. In my mind this was the day music died. For 6 years I carried this 16GB magical transporter of music everywhere and it provided countless hours of enjoyment. For days I tried to recover the 16 gigs of music but wasn't successful....  I was given an 8GB Ipod Touch to use and it helped but it was just a loan. A few months ago Susan's brother and his family came for a visit and when we talked about music he told me he used his phone as his MP3 player and when I saw that we had the same model phone it made me realize I didn't need to get a new MP3 player but just buy a memory chip for my exsisting phone. The chip is tiny but holds 16GB of memory.
I inserted one of these into my phone and enjoyed portable music again.
 Oh did I mention that I have a purple Blackberry?  What other color would I buy if they offered a purple version.  LOL  After spending an hour or so of selecting music and syncing with the computer, I had an even smarter phone or felt smarter because I was using more of the features that was available to me but I didn't realize how easy it would be to use. I prefer to spin with music playing. In the near future I will record my guitar playing using the microphone.  Score one for the reduction in gadgets.

Life is Good


  1. Interesting read, Jerry!

  2. I knit to books. My library has a plethora of books on a device called PLAYAWAY. I walk, knit, drive and relax to books.

    And I am jealous of your purple blackberry. Mine is a boring black but I got it through work so I shouldn't complain. I do listen to myheartradio on it.


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