Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Hi, Are you Kenneth?


At the Stitch and Pitch a few weeks ago, we met a group of local knitters ( who meet on Wednesday nights for a S&B. This last Wednesday was our first free night so we decided to check it out. When Mrs. Twisted and I got out of the car, she walked over to a shop window to check out some of the displays while I gathered the man tool-bucket of all yarn bags and her purple bagsmith project bag. As I closed the door of the car this lady walks up and says "Are you Kenneth?" A lady in her forties who was looking for an Internet or blind date we surmised. I said sorry and walked to my lovely bride. We walked across the street and found a throng of protesters who found a captive audience for those who commute through the Orange traffic circle. The funny thing was that there wasn’t much support for the anti-war/anti-abortion/ World Peace crowd, it was more cursing, heckling and middle finger waving from the cars passing the hodge-podge crowd of free speech advocates. We looked back and saw Kenneth; a man about my age and a bit shorter, maybe 6’0" or so meet with the mystery lady as they strolled slowly down the street. We went ahhhhhhh ………she could do better. LOL
Well, the group meets inside a Starbucks that occupies the lobby of a bank. We were both surprised by the size of the group and the room within the bank to house a Starbucks. We arrived early enough to garner two big comfy chairs and settled in. We met most of the group; which even includes other men knitters. Most are working on larger projects like sweaters and clothing. One lady was crocheting an afghan it looked like. The chat was fun and not one sided, most of the group participated in the chatting. Some were spinners and we felt very comfortable - to the point we will return next week. Now if only Mrs. Twisted can get the barrister to make an iced coffee her way!


  1. know you're not supposed to take pictures inside of a Starbucks, right? Just kidding.

    You're making me homesick. A Starbucks I used to go to and knitting? Why wasn't that iin effect when I was living in Orange?! So sad.

  2. We would love it if you came with us if you are ever here on a Wednesday. Wonderful crowd of people. I know you would connect with a few of them instantly


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