Friday, August 11, 2006

Have you ever been the "Token"

Mrs. Twisted and I went to the ist Dodger's "Stitch and Pitch" last night and had a great time surrounded by close to 1,200 knitters. Thanks to the fabulous ladies from A Mano Yarn Center for the great seats and wonderful company.

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know we got there early but We drove from OC during rush hour.
Besides I like watching batting practice.

A knitters view of the game.

Since Mrs. Twisted and I we both went we both received the knitters tote bag filled with one hank of 50/50 wool alpaca and one ball of eye lash yarn, set of #17 bamboo needles, a pattern from one shop and and a plethora of discount coupons to most of the shops participating in the evening festivities.

OK, I know I'm sort of an anomaly but I was actually called the token last night. This lady comes up and say"oh, you knit too?" "You can be our token ok? " I just shrugged my shoulders . I didn't really know what to say but I guess it could be worse.

For those of you close by here was Shannita playing hide and seek or was that just because she ate the garlic fries?

Annette and I playing photo tag

There was a lady three rows in front of making a garment in Rowan Calmer with little red beads that was amazing. It was fun to see what everyone was making and the sharing of projects.

We had a craving in the 5th inning for some ice cream but the thin flexible spoons were ineffective in the frozen block so the FREE # 17 needles served a useful purpose.

Stitch & Pitch #1

Knitters should knit and not sing. LOL

Dodgers Rockies Stitch & Pitch # 2

Check out all the people knitting at Dodger Stadium


  1. Mrs. Twisted6:07 PM

    so much fun! what a great way to spend an evening!

  2. Annette & I had a blast with you and Mrs. Twisted at Stitch N Pitch night. And yes, I can still taste the garlic from the fries 24 hours later. Mmmm... garlic.
    Shannita @ A Mano


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