Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We really weren't going to buy anything. Honest!

Another Saturday yarn crawl
We found a new LYS that just opened, Hissy Knits in Glendale. For those of you who may not know Mrs. Twisted and I, for us even two hour drive is considered a LYS. Luckily Glendale is less than an hour drive. New store just opened last month with an open setting, not cramped. The tree in the middle was a nice way of dressing up the load bearing support.


One feature that seemed nice and really different was the relaxing outdoor knitting gazebo nestled in the secluded back yard behind the store.

Pergo-esque floors and a novel way of displaying the yarn in paint cans are nice touches.

Noro yarns were the predominate brand and in colorways I have haven't seen in other stores. We selected a couple skein's of Kureyon and some soft classic alpaca for some yet unknown projects.

After a nice discussion with the owner, Annie Tyron, we were off to stop #2

Not very often do you get a card for one store from the owner of a competing store but Hissy Knits wanted to supplement the current stores in the area instead of competing directly. Very progressive business practices for a LYS. We took her up on the recommendation and arrived at "That Yarn Store" in Eagle Rock just a few miles away. Nice store with different Merchandise from Hissy and a few surprises like some Blue Heron Rayon Metalic.

One store that has been on the yarn radar for sometime is "Knit Cafe" on Melrose in Los Angeles. After perusing the store owners new book a few times in one of the Boarders or Barnes we decided to include it on the list for the day. The time spent at stop one and the unexpected 2nd stop meant this was the last new store of the day. Store policy prohibited any pics but the store had top quality high end fiber Twisted Sisters Silk, beautiful Italian cashmere as well as some comfortable friends like Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend.

Nice friendly staff and Yes we bought some stash fluff just because.

Missing from the pic was the Electric Green Twisted Sisters Silk because Mrs. Twisted was already doing a swatch I think.

Last stop for the day was back to A Mano Yarn Center in LA/Venice to pick up another skein of the variegated purple Manos #117 for my mitered rug project. Parking is a bit limited here so we park around the corner and there is a odd store next to the yarn store that I'm sure offends a few of the Leave it to Beaver crowd. check out the cool hand bag in the window.

I imagine some big haired Texan blonde redneck who is fed up with life and hates men because she was replaced with a younger model with bigger boobs carrying this bag.

Here is the haul from A Mano one skein of Manos, one hank of Misty alpaca chunky and a Shawl pattern.

Group photo

Really we didn't mean to buy yarn it just happens. Oh if you don't have a Knitters travel guide you should. We love ours.


  1. Mrs. Twisted11:20 AM

    "I imagine some big haired Texan blonde redneck who is fed up with life and hates men because she was replaced with a younger model with bigger boobs carrying this bag".

    Watch it buck-o - I LOVE this bag! Now if they only had it in purple or turquoise....:)

  2. Or if it had flames. Mrs. Twisted, you would have the moxie to strut around with a bag such as this. I'm sure there would be a few uptight people who would whisper under there breath, like they don't already when we leave the room. Imagine the pink one with the WWJJD "What would Joan Jett Do" tee-shirt Black jeans and sh*t kickin boots lol

  3. Mrs. Twisted12:39 PM

    tee hee! But it would have to be a color that wouldn't clash with Joan....:)

  4. Now, I admit I haven't done serious research, but I haven't found that book yet, but I need it.

    I need to go to that store in Glendale.

  5. Are you sure that bag isn't advocating a lifestyle? heh heh heh.


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