Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oreo Divas

If you were lucky during one the recent heat wave, you had a chance to migrate close to the beach and enjoy one of the local concerts in the Park that everyone seems to have during the summer months. The Twisted couple ventured out to one of these coastal parks without knowing who the band would be but we have done this for a couple years with generally positive results. With our projects and sand chairs we staked out our place on the lawn and enjoyed the freak show for the next two hours.

We are in the center of WASPy conservatism here so you have to know what you're going to be surrounded by when you mix it up in the OC First off, the band was a Motown cover band. So far so good. Everyone knows the words and it's not too offensive to music lovers. We overhear the conversations of the crowd and surmised the band is called Oreo Divas. Ok, I cant wait to see the shtick they would bring. Well the singers are 15 mins late, but when they arrive what a hoot. Three "ladies" in very very short dresses and shoes that some would refer to as F-me shoes. An Oreo as in two ladies wearing back dresses and the third wearing white. Of course the one wearing white was in the middle. I just wonder how many even got the reference jiggling in the faces.

Drinking in public is illegal as far as I know in Orange County especially in city parks, but when you're rich I guess it's not enforced by the blatant yet casual consumption of only the finest liquors. I must say it wasn't a 40 oz in a freeway flyer, rather champagne with raspberries, martinis, mixed not stirred, and lots of fine wine with couples bringing all the wares, check out the sterling silver fruit dishes for the chilled red grapes and cloth napkins.

With enough alcohol consumed the dancing commenced. First of I'm a tall gangly old white guy who know he can't dance well but Damn! I feel like John Travolta and Gene Kelly (just showing my age) after watching these people. The best was the guy we theorized was a CEO for some large company; he was 5'0" and 60 plus years old, dancing with a blonde trophy at least 30 years his junior. You could tell by the body language she was totally in love with the idea of his money. We just roared at the pairings. lol

Gotta Love the freak show.
The stereotype is correct.
Most Caucasians have no rhythm and should only dance in a dark club with lots of alcohol.


  1. "You could tell by the body language she was totally in love with the idea of his money."

    Love it. You're such a bitch. And I mean that in a good way ;)

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    You ARE a bitch! LOL!!!!!!

    Gotta love the OC - if nothing else, it IS entertaining! :)


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