Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Secret Pal Package Arrived!!!!

All the anticipation was worth the wait. My SP9 package arrived Saturday.

A very nice lady in Ottawa I believe her first name begins with an "L" because she almost signed the card enclosed with the gifts.

I feel a bit shamed by the attention to detail compared to my package.
Each item was individually wrapped and labeled as follows

Something Practical

A CHIBI for my travel bag

Something Sweet

Dark Chocolate and Mint, these won't last long.

Something Manly

"His" Glycerin soap.

Something Luxurious

Sea Silk By Hand Maiden Fine Yarns. 70% silk and 30% Seacell Colorway Ocean
This fiber is magnificent in color, texture and sheen. My secret Pal has selected a wonderful yarn and also shown me a Canadian source for luxury fiber.

And Something Very Canadian

Pure Canadian Maple syrup!!!! In a glass bottle.
Even Mrs. Butterworth's has gone to the plastic bottle

Thank You Secret Pal!!!!


  1. Your secret pal5:06 AM

    I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad it arrived safely! After I sent it I had visions of the maple syrup bottle breaking and spilling all over that lovely Sea Silk. I sure am glad THAT didn't happen.

    And yes, my name begins with an "L" and I live in Ottawa. But that's ALL you're finding out!

  2. I have the BEST Secret Pal

    Thank you L****


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