Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pirate party or party like a pirate

We had a chance to attend friends child's birthday party today. A co-worker to the Mrs did this party BIG, Pinata, bounce room and clown. Pirate themed and lots of fun, Arrrrrrrgg.

Strung up and ready for the beating of his short life.

These Guys are serious, they bring pulleys to assist in the movement of the candy filled buccaneer.

One to many shots to the pirate junk and .....

Game over! He loses his head over a little candy.

It's a bad day when you end it upside down in a trash can

Other news, we booked our tickets to go back east to spend Christmas with the wife's family. My first white Christmas. A little creative booking has us driving to Vegas to fly back to Boston. The four hour drive, saved us $400.00 dollars.

We are now on a mission to pre scout all the great yarn shops anywhere between Maine to New York. If anyone has suggestions for where we could stop and visit, please let me(us) know. If you have been reading this blog you know we love the luxury and or hand spun/hand dyed silks or blends. All you lurkers out there please let me know where you would want to go yarn shopping. We are looking at spinning wheels too.

Secret Pal Package #2 is going out this week. I'm having way more fun with this than I ever imagined.

While we were gone today someone barfed Christmas on the lawn near us. Just a bit early for my taste. Can't people wait till the turkey is gone? Isn't that what the day after Thanksgiving is for? We had another neighbor put up lights the day after Halloween. Maybe it's just Christmas lights peer pressure. I will not succumb.


  1. Your secret pal7:25 AM

    Speaking of secret pal packages - yours went out a week ago. I was told it would take 11 days to get to you, so you should receive it sometime this week. I hope you like it :-)

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:44 AM

    Um, yeah. Can't we at least plan the menu for Thanksgiving before the all the x-mas decorations go up? I want to enjoy my favorite holiday before the commercialism starts!

  3. I love Christmas (some may even call me obsessed) but I even wait till after Thanksgiving.


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