Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two Degrees of Separation (hold the bacon)

Today was a banner day for the Twisted couple
A brief chronology of the day
  1. Breakfast
  2. New yarn shop (small purchase)
  3. Breakfast for lunch
  4. 2nd yarn shop (no purchases but saw the cutest Tilli Thomas Elegant Trinket liner)
  5. 3rd yarn shop (no longer in business but we saw a fun restaurant sign)
  6. 4th yarn store, Major purchase, brush with person who works with stars.
  7. Found the new Lucky magazine on the rack at the grocery store before going home.

First stop. The Knot Garden located in Encino. Tucked away in a nice multi-level open mall. Nice selection of yarn and patterns. The goal of the day was to restrain our purchases and be selective. Mrs. Twisted has a future project of a baby sweater. 4 balls of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and a couple patterns for a throw. Best of all they have a frequent buyer card.

By the time we finished in the first shop it was almost 1:00 and the food from the surrounding restaurants was making it hard to skip lunch and then we saw there was a Waffle place in the same mall, directly under the yarn shop. Who could say no to waffles? "Waffles and More",A little expensive but delicious omelets and pumpkin waffles were just the ticket.

Off to Stop # 2 "Rather B Knitting

Upscale store with luxury yarns. Nothing to make us pull the plastic card out but they had a Tilli Thomas trinket liner that was finished in a beautiful magenta silk. One problem was that they didn't have another one to sell, just the sample bag.

Off to stop #3

"Yarn for all Seasons" no longer in business but we saw a great name for an eatery in the West Valley.

Draw your own conclusions

Last stop...

A stop to A Mano was just to pick up a hat form. Mrs. Twisted made a hat that will be felted soon but she wanted the hat form to help support it while it dries. Here is where the day became really exciting. After finding the most amazing Malabrigo Velvet Grapes yarn, we decided to hang around for a little while and knit with the other customers and enjoy the chit-chat. This nice lady comes in and talks to the owner and sits down and pulls out this simply beautiful sweater made out of Debbie Bliss Superchunky cashmerino in a deep lilac color. Shannita , the owner, was talking to this lady about a repair of her sweater when the woman mentioned it wasn't for the Gilmore girls..... Huhhhhhh? Our ears perked up and we asked if she worked for the show and she replied she was the costume designer for the Gilmore Girls. OMG OMG OMG!!!

Hello! This is like one of the best shows ever!

We were thrilled to meet her and asked about some of the outfits and she was talking about the hand knit sweaters and clothes she has made for certain episodes. I asked her about a dress that Sookie wore in one episode. Mrs. Twisted bought the same dress months earlier at Torrid. She smiled and agreed and said that she remembered the distinct pattern. What a wonderful lady! So nice and friendly! She shared her tales freely as she inquired what we were all making. As she passed behind me she touched my back. The hand that has touched Lorelai, Rory and Sookie touched me! As close to the Gilmore girls as we may ever get. 2 degrees of separation LOL

Oh yeah the yarn....

Malabrigo, So beautiful and soft!

Some Yarn Bras for the secret Pal

A new Spinning Magazine. This may be a little dangerous.

A Mano is supporting a local charity knit program for newborn babies. This will soon be a soft baby blanket for a special child .

The reason for the visit to A Mano. One Plastic Hat Form

And how could we pass up this cute button in the shape of a Reese's Peanut butter cup?

This will go on a felted purse going to the Secret Pal in the second care package.


  1. Ok, first:
    Let me know how the Weezer book is. Randy may be interested.

    Second, breakfast any time. A must for restaurants. I don't understand why all restaurants don't do it. I could eat breakfast for dinner, or lunch for that matter, any time. Even in the age of enlightenment. (Tell me you caught that reference.)

    Thirdly, I want that bag on the cover of the spinning magazine. Can you make it for me, oh knitting wizard? ;)

    And lastly, you know I, too, am excited about the GG brush with fame. How exciting! And it just proves the idea that I had of handknits sweaters on that show. Some of them totally look handknit.

    Ok, that's it.

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:35 AM

    hmmm....the age of enlightenment. I think it was a recent(ish) episode. Something about Gwen Stefani?

    It was a fun day - shopping and eating and GG - OH MY!

  3. What a wonderful day!

  4. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I like the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed - the colors are beautiful and the yarn has texture. It makes a sturdy fabric that is good for an outer garment. It is not soft but not as scratchy as other yarns such as Noro wool. The skin around my neck is really sensitive and I probably would not wear a sweater from this yarn without something under it. The aran weight can be a challenge - it varies from thick to thin and it broke on me a few times, but it takes a felted join very well so no problem. I have not had that problem with the chunky. But having said all that, I have to say I still love this yarn. Well, I do not want to write a book. Thanks again for your comments and encouragement - always appreciated.


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