Friday, November 17, 2006

There is an FO in the house... Elvis has left the building

Not mine but I want to share..

A week and a half ago we stopped by A Mano Yarn Center, see the link in the sidebar. They are helping a women's shelter for expecting mothers. The shop donated the yarn and we donate the time to create blankets for the newborn babies. If you have the time, it's time well spent. This was adapted from a rug pattern in knitting in the round.

Check out the knit picot cast off edging I found in our library of knitting books.

We affectionately nicknamed this the spumoni baby burrito blanket. Now for your viewing pleasure, Elvis Bear models the proper roll.

I picked up the socks I cast on some months back. Note to self,
never set a project down and leave it for months because I had no idea where I was. Loving the Koigu KPPPM, it's beautiful yarn for the socks. I'm past the picking up stitches and the rest looks like smooth sailing. Problem is that I wear a size 15 show so it may take a few rounds to get to the toe.


  1. Mrs. Twisted11:31 AM

    I'm proud of you for getting back to that sock hon!

    And thanks for finding the cool picot bind-off and your expert burrito wrapping abilities...:)

  2. The baby blanket is gorgeous!

  3. Mrs. Twisted9:51 PM

    Thank you littledevilworks - it was alot of fun to make!


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