Sunday, March 25, 2007

And the Winner is....

For best supporting extremity in a non-speaking role. And the winner is???????

Ok so I didn't win anything or even get a word on camera but I had a chance to use this silly picture of me holding the Oscar from last month when we took some relatives to see the Kodak Theater and they had an Oscar history exhibition. To bad I wasn't wearing my tuxedo, it would have been more believable, and yes I do have my own tuxedo. If you had a chance to see my TV debut last week you have seen my hands at their best or at least knitting. The link is on the last post.

Very busy shopping weekend, Secret Pal has started again so I did some online shopping and some LYS shopping.

I had something happen today that I must say took me by surprise. When I opened the door to La Petite Knitterie this afternoon I was met with “Hey, It’s Mr. Twisted.” I know Kat and Lori Lawson from the shop but I didn’t recognize the lady but she knew me. I was speechless. It was a little uncomfortable for me to be recognized by what I published on my blog but also honored that people take the time to read my musings. I was a little uncomfortable in that I wandered around looking at the yarn but not really looking at it. When we write in these online dialogs we only think a few of our friends and a few other knitters who comment are really paying attention until she started asking me about pictures I forgot I even posted. I just didn’t think anyone was really paying that much attention. I don’t think it’s going to change the way I write or the subject matter I blog about but I hope when she comments I will be able to enjoy her blog as well. It was fun to hear that she used my blog to show her husband he’s not the only male knitter out there.

Oh there is some knitting content here too
Mrs. Twisted finished her Bombshell top from Big Girl Knits
Made from Blue Sky Alpaca 100% Alpaca

And she finished a pair of socks in the book “Knitting on the road” by Nancy Bush.
The pattern is Conwy in Posh yarn Lucia (75% merino and 25% cashmere) in color way Twinkle.

My socks are coming along well. No major problems (knock on wood) for a little while. I’ll post a pic when the first one is complete. Soon I’m sure.a


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Hello, it is me, your Secret Pal 10.

    I sent you an ecard the other day and noticed that you have yet to view it, so I wanted to let you know you are being stalked and will be gifted soon. :)

    I also can't seem to find your SP10 questionaire link??

    Please, write back privately and confirm your snail mail address.


  2. I had that happen to me once, it was kind of odd, but cool at the same time. Why perfect (or imperfect) strangers would want to read my blog always amazes me, but I still write just for me, not for others. If people read it, cool, if they don't, that's okay too.

    And the Mrs is "da bomb" in her bombshell. I love that sweater, but have yet to make anything from the book, lol.

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:25 AM

    You better get used to it baby, cause you're a star! :)

    Blog readers - my hubby is just a tiny bit shy, and even though he was a bit tongue-tied yesterday, we are both happy to know that somebody is reading this blog!

    Thanks Inky, only problem is its 100% Alpaca so it will have to be a winter top! I will definately make another in a more So-Cal friendly fiber.

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The Bombshell is beautiful. What a gorgeous color. The shaping is perfect. It looks beautiful on you.

    Punkin in Oregon

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Mr. Twisted asked about Pansy and the hair issue. I do not like pet hair in the house, but right now there are more pets than people living here. I started brushing and bathing Pansy when she was a kitten and that helped tremendously. I worked with her consistently at the beginning to ward off bad habits and I think it paid off. When she was a kitten, she liked to chew string and shoelaces but it did not take long for her to grow out of that. I keep most of my yarn in plastic and project bags. I do have a basket of yarn in my bedroom and she has never bothered it. My experience with her has been very positive. I think you would enjoy having a feline friend some day.
    - Punkin

  6. I forgot to tell you when I saw you on Sunday, that I found your blog when I was searching for the Purl Soho warehouse address in Costa Mesa!

    It was a great surprise to see you walk in to the store! For me it was like seeing a famous person in real life!

    It was nice to have met both you and your wife!

    Happy Knitting!!

  7. Look at you, J, you're famous! ;)

    And great job on the Bombshell.

    Don't forget about the 5th of May! If there's no Cinco De Mayo/Birthday party there will be something else, so don't make plans!

  8. Hey Jerry
    LOL on your fabulous Oscar shot! Of COURSE you're famous -- you two really get around town! See you soon if you're pubbing....


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