Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just a little shopping on a lazy Sunday Afternoon.

We are have unseasonably warm weather for the 1st week in March. The plan for the day was to hit the beach but the clouds were covering the sun even though we had 80 degree temps. So we dropped the netflix at the post office and went shopping. We ended up at Fashion Island to look around at all the people. The fun started in the parking lot with a license plate frame that caught my eye. (apologies to the blondes who may be offended)

Love love love to window shop and today I saw this stunning blue silk dress with a stain on the front. I should have taken a picture before I walked in and talked to the sales lady who immediately pulled it from the window. As we continued on to one of my favorite windows to admire, Betsy Johnson. Summer fashions are out and the colors are wonderful.

And what would the fashions be without shoes? I know they don't really go with the dresses but I'm sure they would have a problem with me taking pictures in the shop after all this is just window shopping.

Not sure if I like the bamboo hand bags yet. I know the shiny orange leather wouldn't be my choice of accent trim.

Ended up at Barnes & Noble book store to look at knitting books and pick up the latest guitar magazine. I did find a great one skein wonder book to help thin out the stash.

I see this coming by mail from knit Picks really soon.

Always a great day when you can end it with beautiful sunset


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Hi, Jerry -- looked for your email on your blog but couldn't find it. I have finally entered blogger world. Check out:

    Hope to see you and the Mrs. some time soon. Lori

  2. Great dresses, shoes and amazing magazine! What else human can wish?

  3. Mrs. Twisted1:41 PM

    ah, I just love Fashion Island. And Betsey Johnson. If only she made, dare I say it? Big girl clothes!

  4. Very cool pics. Love the sunset. Here, it was 20 degrees this morning.

    I keep looking at the book . . . maybe I'll get it from the library.

  5. Gorgeous sunset. I need me some of that.

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Thinking of you two and hoping things are going well for you.

  7. Mrs. Twisted10:36 AM

    somebody needs to update their blog! :)

  8. Where are you, I Range every day on your blog to see some new interesting post, but nothing new is on the blog.
    I hope everything is OK!


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