Saturday, March 31, 2007

ooo-la-la The enabler speaks French

After a long week I came home in kind of a funk. We had decided to go see a friend who we thought was working at a national chain bath and body place but she was already off for the day. This mall is an out door variety and has turned into the local kids meeting place. So we drove to another nearby mall for a beefsteak sandwich and some quiet decompression. After the sandwich we detoured and went looking at the stores on the way out and I began to feel a lot better when we found something special.
We weren't looking for anything special but when you find something that fits perfectly and looks this good, how can you refuse to give in, and take it home. Oh and it was on sale too! Does the name Etienne Aigner mean anything to you? He came to the US in 1959 and opened his studio in Manhattan where he introduced his French designs. Tonight we brought home a pair of shoes that are classic spring beauty yet exciting. Blush pink kid soft leather, satin lace trim and petite bow over the toe opening. Picot trim, slim elastic assisted heel strap and perfect 2” kitten heel for comfort. I’m relating the comfort part 2nd hand because I would have to take someone else’s point of reference for this, but the unmistakable sigh as they slid on and as the first few steps were taken sealed the fate of this purchase.
Life is good when you can bring home pretty shoes even if they're not for you. We were thinking of wardrobe and quickly coordinated multiple outfits to show off this new addition. Perfect spring shoes...
I will have some knitting content tomorrow.
And before you think otherwise, I enjoy the beauty of ladies fashion when it helps the person who wears it feel special. You know when you wear that special outfit and you glow with confidence because you "know" you look good. I love to witness that undeniable look.


  1. Mrs. Twisted1:21 PM

    Thank you my personal shopper, style advisor and enabler. I love my new pink shoes and its always fun to shop with you!

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    You gave me a lump in my throat. What gorgeous shoes! Mrs. Twisted - I bet they look great on you. Awesome find.

    Sorry it was a long week. I hope this week isn't so long for you.


  3. *squeals* OMG I love those shoes!!!!!!!!


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