Saturday, March 03, 2007

When obsessions collide

Today we went to the gem show at the Orange County Fairgrounds just to looks at all the bobbles and jewels. I have plans to make some stitch markers for the next SP exchange.

If you know us then you would also know that my obsessions are not the only ones in our home. Knitting, yarn, music and guitars are the only ones Ive discussed on this blog. Mrs. Twisted recently completed her certification as a gemologist and we have attended many gem shows to learn and admire the various gems of the world.

Lurkers on this blog will have seen the stash reorganization. Ikea Billy bookcases used for yarn storage. We plan to add the glass doors after we add the next set of bookcases. Well today we saw something to dress up the plain Ikea furniture. While walking through the show we saw a booth that didn't really fit the show. This booth would have fit in perfectly at a high end home improvement show. They sell gemstone door handles for entry doors and drawer pulls. Well the connection was made. We are going to put the glass doors on the yarn cases and we found the door pulls that will be the perfect accessory. I bought one as a sample that will end up being a coat hook.

The pictures are a Moss Agate coat hook that was a nice looking sample and available at the show. The yarn door pulls may be different gem stones. The pictures below are of door pulls for full size doors and we will order drawer pulls to fit the yarn cases. Why not class up the yarn with gem stones?

Rose quartz,




They all look so pretty.

FO coming on the next post. Yes there is some knitting going on here.


  1. ooo those are yummy - I love gems and congrats to the Mrs. for her certification.

    I have a Billy that could use some jewels - you are too good at enabling!!

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    So beautiful.

  3. Mrs. Twisted5:37 PM

    Thanks ladies - I think they will truly spruce up our Billy bookcases, don't you?


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