Monday, May 28, 2007

All things Strings beach party

Sunday the 20th we had a beach picnic for the ATS knitting group. Well it was a pot luck so Mrs. Twisted made cupcakes. I made Chicken Enchiladas but no pictures but I have to many pictures usually so just imagine they looked good and taste good too. :) The cupcakes are balls of yarn and the toothpicks are needles. We met at a cliff side park in Laguna Beach and it was a wonderful day.

Renata, the organizer of ATS is involved in many interest including a juggling group who she also invited to join us for the fun & food. Way too much food!!

Do you have a long term desire? Something you have wanted to learn how to do for most of your life but have never had an opportunity or were motivated to do or learn? One of mine was to learn how to juggle. I know just what I need, another thing to do. But I had an opportunity to learn and Renata offered to show me so how could I say no. Besides the other jugglers were very inspiring to watch. Renata on the right showing her stuff. So, I thought ok I got to give this a shot, right?

That's me trying to throw two practice bean bags not very well at this point.

After a few minutes she had me with three balls in the air and it was like magic. Renata, thank you so much for the helpful tips and patient instruction.

What an inspiration to watch these 6 experienced jugglers and to talk to them about their craft.

We had an opportunity to talk to some of the ladies who we haven't seen in a long time too. Nice to see you Jan and what a beautiful rug you were working on.

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Look at you juggle! Yay!! It looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


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