Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sea wool sock yarn and a new hand dyer.

I was looking at the Seasilk in our stash and wondered if they made sock yarn. One little Google search and voila. Sea Wool made from Merino & Seacell. The colors are amazing, the sheen looks like silk. Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist makes some great yarn and this is no exception. I was introduced to HandMaiden yarns from my SP 9 spoiler and have loved it since.

I bought two hanks of SeaWool, colorways Amethyst and Bronze one 100% Merino, colorway Glacier.

I joined another yahoo group a couple weeks ago. Socknitters and found this hand dyer. I placed an order to try it out and what a wonderful surprise. 390 yards of sock yarn in her own colors. One in Twirple and one in English Garden. Kimberly e-mailed me and said she was out of English garden and asked me if I would rather have another colorway or she would dye some that day but it would be a few days longer to ship and I said that was fine. Well the yarn arrived and it looks amazing.

Little bonus when it arrived, she included a hand made stitch marker on each tag. $14.00 plus shipping for a pair of socks is a such a deal for hand dyed yarn.

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  1. All I wanted to say (but couldn't) was yay for PURPLE! ;-) I think I had more comments, but I fergit them now....


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