Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It just got better and better

Tuesday night we went to the Stitch and Pitch at Dodger Stadium. The wonderful ladies at A Mano Yarn Center arranged for a bus and had a whole night planned. When we arrived at the shop we were treated to a gift bag as part of the package and out of the goodness of their hearts it was much better than the tote that the promoters handed out this year. Not that it was bad, but our yarn store goody bag was that much better. Thank you Annette and Shannita.

The Bus driver took us from the Venice Beach area to Dodger stadium the Stadium in about 45 minutes during rush hour. Being a native Southern Californian, that was quite a task. All surface streets and very impressive driving.

Being a couple has a few benefits, double goody bag and tote bag at the stadium.

Notice the Manos yarn hmmmmmmmm yes! and point protectors and magazines and more yarn.

We had a brush with a celebrity in the knitting world tonight. After the Dodger dog and we settled down for a good game when Laura who was sitting beside Mrs. Twisted said Do you know who that is? We knew imediately, that's World Renown knit blogger and soon to be published author Laurie from Crazy Aunt Purl.

We were all excited but didn't want to be too stalkerish so we passed a note down the 4 seats and she looked waved and and came down to meet us and pose for pictures. What a sweetheart! She was so nice she even put our picture and a link to my blog on her post today.

Well for those of you who care, the Dodgers won. But it was a wonderful game being surrounded by all the knitters. The tote bag had the lighted knitting needles in them and the husbands who didn't knit were using them like conductors during the 7th inning stretch sing-a-long

When you have lots of people and a few camera you tend to get some fun pictures.

Shannita and Annette laughing at the funny looks you get when you aim a camera at certain people.

Shannita having a moment.

oh some of us were watching the game too. LOL

Taking the bus was the best thing we could have done. When the game was over we drove straight out of the parking lot and down the hill missing the parking lot hassles when you drive yourself.

The back of Shannita trying to do a head count before we escape back to the shop.

We did do some Knitting while we were there. I finished a rug square on the bus going to the stadium and cast on the next square. Mrs. Twisted finished her 2nd sock. What a BEAUTIFUL sock!

After arriving back to the shop we had a shopping spree with 20% off the store for 30 mins so how could we turn that down.

Malabrigo lace yarn in the electric blue, some Berrocco Pure Merino heather in a dark green/blue. More Malabrigo in a "Vera" colorway for those of you Lorna's Laces lovers. Some pink Lilly Chin cotton blend with a bit of gold thread running through it.

And look what was sitting on the door step when we got home at 10:30, My Secret pal box. The day just got better and better. I will show you all what was in the box in another post because she deserves her own post as a proper thank you. But I want to thank you now too because it was just perfect! Thank you SP


  1. jerry, have you seen the yarn from the knittery. It's a place in australia. All handpainted! A skein for sock yarn: merino/cashmere is $16.45! I'm thinking about buying some.

  2. You have a lot of fun! Great yarn!

  3. Mrs. Twisted10:36 AM

    I'm thinking the porch needs sweeping! It was a wonderful day with so many great surprises. Meeting Crazy Aunt Purl was just the icing on the cake!

  4. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I find myself smiling while looking at your pictures. You know how to fun. I remember that you said your son is graduating soon. Congratulations! Is he your oldest? Doesn't it seem like it only takes 5 years for them to go from kingergarten to graduation?


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