Monday, December 10, 2007

burr it's cold for us So Ca sun lovers

I think this is Southern California. I got in my car to drive to work this morning and looked in the rear view mirror to see 46 deg F displayed. I thought it was uncharacteristically cold as I walked to the garage area from the toasty warmth of our home. I didn't enjoy the weather this weekend like I usually do. Friday night it was raining and we desperately need the rain but this was a cold rain that was helped by a strong wind that made you walk quickly to find shelter. We decided to order pizza on Friday night. Mrs. Twisted and I try not to order the Domino's/Papa Johns/Pizza Hut because we prefer a better pizza. Please don't start sending hate our way about how pizza Hut is the best pizza. We had a little place that made really good pizza and the best hot wings where we lived in Anaheim, one of the few things we miss. The order was always right. The sauce was the right flavor, not to sweet , not to tangy and the topping to crust ratio was just right. Since moving we tried a few places and found a little place that just happened to be less than a thousand yards from where we live. We went in and ordered the first time and while the wings were not that good, the pizza was very good. The point I was trying to get to was that On Friday night we really didn't want to go out and get dinner and we didn't have anything in the house that was making us want dinner so I went to the "menu" drawer and found the pizza place menu. In fine print it said order online and save 10%. hmmmm I had to register and that took a few extra minutes but it was quite simple and in 22 minutes from ordering the door bell rang. The confirmation said 44 mins and it arrived in 22. We gladly paid the $14.26 for two small pizzas including delivery charges so we didn't have to go back out into the rainy night. Instead we flipped the switch on the gas fireplace and had our pizza. Last week I lit the gas fireplace for the first time. It operates like a gas furnace but it has the facade of a real wood burning fireplace. The cool part is that when you turn it on you flip a rocker switch and it just turns on. It reminds me of something Matt Helm would have. You almost expect that the wall would slide back revealing a round bed and the lights would dim and romantic music would play softly in the background to further the mood. I just realized that the Matt Helm reference was a bit obscure. For you youngsters he was like James Bond but the movie version was played by Dean Martin. This is also the inspiration for Mike Myers Austin Powers character. I guess you can say we love the fireplace and the ease to light it is just bonus.

The dual knit group Christmas Party was wonderful on Sunday afternoon. Lots of spouses attended, great food and we each had a special secret Santa Gift, 'cept Megann :( . My Santa got me something that was on my wish list since Feb I think. Arctic Lace by Donna Druchanas. More than a pattern book, it's the history of "Arctic Gold". The patterns for the Qiviut are so beautiful. We have a ball of the softer the cashmere warmer than alpaca fiber just waiting for the right time.

Thank you Kathy for the wonderful book, the gift cert to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company and I can't forget the cutest little sock stitch markers.

It's always nice to come home without pot luck left overs and I only had one little hunk of lasagna in the pan. I see that as a success. It looked like the amount of goodies out numbered the entrees. We brought two pies and and a foil casserole of lasagna. We brought two items because we are the only husband/wife pair and thought it's only fair. We also had two gifts so we each received something.
The Mrs was spoiled by someone who obviously ignored the spending limits so she really lucked out but she didfeel a little odd because for once we did follow the spending limits and it seemed a little inadequate after opening hers. They were the only two that had each other at Santa swap partners. I'll have pictures of the goodies tomorrow. There was two hand dyed hanks from two specialty dyers. A cute little project bag and one of these.

It's called a Knitzi. A WIP holder for your DNPs. It traps the needles and protects them and keeps your stitches from falling off in elegant style.

Pink sock update. Sock one complete and sock two is at the heel just waiting to go around the corner and up the leg. You know I like the drama of while I finish it in time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday

Life Is Good


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The Knitzi makes me want one - but I knit socks magic loop style on one circular so I guess I don't need one. I will enjoy them vicariously. I recently bought the book Poems of Color about Bohus knitting. When you said your new book gave the history in addition to patterns, it made me think of how much I enjoyed that about Poems of Color. I think I will have to put Arctic Lace on my list. Hope the rain lets up so you can have some warm sunshine. Don't want mudslides.

  2. We have yet to find a good pizza place around here. I find the name brand places are just so lacking in taste. Too much sauce too much money etc

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Jerry, I remember how generous you are with everyone else. It's just about time someone is generous to you two! :-)

  4. We really don't have any locally owned pizza places by us. The franchisers have basically run them out of town.

    BUT, we do have a local bakery that sells frozen pizza dough. This dough is super fabulous and they charge $1.25 for a bag of the stuff. I have made pizza, bread sticks, bread (brushing with olive oil, parm. cheese and seasonings before baking) and no matter what you top it with, it always comes out good.

    I'm glad you had a great turnout for the party. Sounds like just about everyone had great fun and good food.


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