Friday, December 28, 2007

Sure beats shoveling snow.

We all have traditions.....

The Twisted's have a Christmas tradition that started when we met. We met in December when she was out here on a mini-vacation from the winter cold of New England. We drove to one of my favorite beaches that I went to since I was a boy. Warm days in the winter inspire many who don't have such things. She always wanted a beach party for her birthday while growing up but the thought of going to the beach that was covered in snow during the late weeks of January made that unrealistic. We used the beach as a way to connect to each other when we were apart and since we didn't have family to be with at Christmas we went to where we both felt good. Our first visit we saw a surfer dressed in his wetsuit but had a Santa suit with beard over the neoprene. Gotta love Ca.

I drove Jen back to meet her Mom Christmas Eve and I knew what would happen Christmas day. We exchanged our gifts and enjoyed the quiet of the day together. In the early afternoon we headed to the beach and headed south to one of our favorite places because their are benches that overlook the water. The sunsets are magnificent here but we love it just because we are sharing them together. The sound of each wave that washes ashore cleanses the stress of the day away.

I could sit here for hours with the warmth of the sun on my face but as the sun dips lower the temp also dips into the low 60's. Yes that's chilly for us, Mrs Twisted says it's Winter when it's below 70 deg.

This person has an unobstructed front row seat to one of the most beautiful experiences that happens almost 340 times a year in So Ca. The rest is a little overcast or maybe rainy.

as the sun approaches the horizon the more spectacular it becomes.

The light dissipates and the jackets come on. I'm looking relaxed and calm after a wonderful day that included all the best.

The day may end but the tradition lives on.


  1. What a beautiful Christmas day.

  2. What a beautiful view, great photos! I wish you all the best for a New Year!

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Beautiful place and pictures...Maybe one day I will see the beach again in all its glory, its been to long. May the New Year bring all that you want and desire...

  4. What a great post...not just beautiful pictures but memories as well. That was so sweet. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs to you both!

  5. wow, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    I like the pic where u r knitting. It is a "odd" scene here if u were to sit in the park n knit.


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