Saturday, December 22, 2007

the day before the day before the day before.....

Just a little update.

My Sweet Daughter is home for the weekend. Our Home not hers, Home of the Twisted. The drive to pick her up well the designated exchange point that was two hours away took me 3 hours of rush hour last Friday night before Christmas traffic to get there. Anyway we got home last night after 10:00 PM and she was up for some late night shopping. I had some stuff to get for the Annual "Family" Christmas party. My Cousin is hosting this year and the invitation had our swap partners so off to Wally World ( my term for Wal-Mart, I hate walmart)we went because I know it would be open and have the stuff I needed in one fell swoop. One last item to get at Best Buy sometime this weekend but I'm done shopping. The pink socks are done hers and mine. Hers were done last Saturday but we shipped them back to her family the same day before I could even get a picture of the finished item. Mine were completed Thursday after work. One day before the giftee was to arrive. I know that was a little too close for comfort but at least I wasn't hiding in the bathroom Christmas morning trying to finish them or just giving her one sock and an IOU. Well I'm off to make breakfast and go enjoy the day before I have to go attend the "family party", what an oxymoron that is. More on that later. TTFN


  1. Have a very merry Christmas!

  2. HEY Jerry~~~

    I Just want to say have a great MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Hope and wises....



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