Thursday, May 15, 2008

Belated b-day wish and the future of our country in formal attire.

As I mentioned in my last post, our friend Stacey had her ? th birthday. (I would never give her age) but she was born when I was a junior in HS. :) We all decided to meet for dinner in a neutral or central place to all of us attending. Nicole another friend (new knitter & blogless) met us there while we waited. Stacey already called us and said she was running late. We all know about "Stacey time", so I on the way we stopped for gas and the lotto ticket and we even made a wrong turn by the Queen Mary but made it in plenty of time to enjoy the show. What show? It was prom night for one of the local high schools in the area and you know how we love a fashion show. The following pictures are just a smidgen of what paraded by. I wish I had taken a picture of this one dress though. It was bright yellow. "Like a Wisconsin sunrise." I know he said Gold in the movie but I'm not Freddie Fredrickson. ( That Thing You do)

This guy had a white pin striped tux... No the Yankee's baseball team was not in town either. If you look dead center you will see the first glimpse of some pretty shoes. I'm not liking the dress though, it looked like an opaque shower curtain in person.

This unattached boy looked more like the valet who parks the car than someone looking like he was going to a formal event. The tuxedo shorts are one thing but he didn't even bother to wear appropriate shoes and would it hurt to wear some black ankle socks?

Same shoes from behind. The girl on the left with the floral dress looked like she was bucking the system a little but it didn't seem like a formal dress but neither did the shorts.

Here is a profile shot of the pretty blue shoes. Looks like something you would see in the window of a Betsy Johnson shop but I would think a dressy black pump would work better for formal wear but what do I know, I'm just a guy.

Lot's of metallic trimmed shoes in fashion right now. The pair on the left have a gold metallic heel and silver plate in the arch. The pair on the right were my favorite. Makes me glad I'm a guy and I don't have to endure the pain of wearing shoes like these.

This is a bad age for the boys. Girls at prom look like women while the boys look like they are 14, dorky, clueless and as out of place as they can be.

We met in Long Beach, at what is called shoreline village, across the harbor from the Queen Mary. The area is now turned into a restaurant row. This was our first time to PF Chang's China Bistro. A little over priced for Chinese food but the company made it worth the trip.

The birthday Girl as she was opening her gifts since we had to wait for the table.

We did enjoy the show. The hour wait for the table went by so quickly with the people walking by.

This is the happy couple. Randy and Stacey.

After dinner we had some mini-desserts because there is always room for a few spoon fulls of yummy goodness. I loved the square double shot glasses and mini spoons used to feed babies for the little desserts, Nobody really wants to spend another $8.95 or more for a slice of something they are too full to eat anyway. We may borrow the idea for our home entertaining or a potluck. Just use plastic mini spoons and have a place for people to return the shot glasses or even use plastic ones.

Stacey had the mini great wall of chocolate or what we called the speed bump of chocolate with the B-day candle.


  1. Stacey2:10 AM

    I stole all the pictures :) Thank you!

    And as for my age, I have no problem with you announcing it...unless you don't want people to know your age ;)

    Also...thanks for the Inglewood Blvd tip...I used it today. Much faster than Lincoln.

  2. Sounds like a blast of an evening. I love the idea of putting desserts in those shot glasses. Another good one that I saw recently was serving a scoop of mashed potatoes in martini glasses and then having a variety of toppings (bacon, cheese, scallions, etc.). It was served at our staff party and really, really worked well.

    The shoes are just painful, totally, horribly painful. I'm glad that I'm old enough that I can smile and say "no thanks, too old, too fat."


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