Monday, May 12, 2008

Raw fiber to batts and more roving

Friday we drove up to A Mano to pay for our Stitch and Pitch tickets and do some "shopping." Yes, we could have called and paid over the phone but we love chatting with the ladies there at the shop. It's hard to resist when you are known in the shop because they lead you to the things they know you may have a hard time resisting.
Yes they know me because they asked if I saw the new Pagewood Farms roving in the almost black/purple ?

Friday night I attended the Friday night Men's knitting group where to my surprise we had two new members, one of which I knew from another group. Also I think my spinning had prompted another guy to buy a wheel. His spinning looks like he has been spinning for a long time not just a few days

Saturday I went to the RiverSpinners and had a wonderful time even though we had a smaller group. Cathy was very gracious once again.

Saturday night we had a birthday dinner with a friend but I'll blog about that tomorrow.

I had the chance to card the roving on a friends carder and it made 3 nice batts

Besides the roving I bought on Friday I also acquired some other fiber to spin. The past few weeks I wanted to design a sweater and spin the fiber to knit it. I hope some of this will work.

About 2 plus pounds of stearling grey superwash merino.

Two and a half pounds of midnight blue superwash merino.

Two pounds of dark chocolate superwash merino.

I don't have a scale yet but I will sometime this week. I estimate this at almost 5 pounds of merino seacell. We're running out of room to store all this besides I think I have enough roving to spin for some time.

I hope all the Mothers out there had a great Mother's day. The Mrs. & I went to the cemetery to visit my Mom and Grandmother. It always makes us both feel better because we talk about all the good times we shared with our Mom's. We even did some knitting while we sat in the warm sun.


  1. Are you going to mix all that lovely stuff together for your sweater? [Yay for friends with drum carders! I have a friend like that myself, though I haven't needed to use her carder as yet.]

    And may I recommend Jacqueline Fee's "The Sweater Workshop Book" if this is your first leap into design-your-own? She bases her book on EZ's percentage system.

    I would not want to spin enough handspun to knit a sweater for somebody as tall as you, LOL.

  2. I've got first dibs on that midnight blue - get busy and spin baby!

  3. Anonymous6:22 AM

    the pagewod farms roving looks yummy :-)

  4. Holy Moly! I imagine you really are running out of space for it! If you are interested in a 5 lb bag of BFL though let me know.


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