Friday, May 16, 2008

Punk, Park & Poof

Lot's to cover today.

I want to thank Dawn for the 2nd package in the PRGE.

Punk Rock Beach Towel, 2 balls of man shade sock yarn some cool coasters and hand made stitch markers. Swap Pals like Dawn make you want to join the next swap.

Tuesday I attended a spin-in during a lunch break. Loopykd posted a thread in the OC group on Ravelry about spinning in Irvine park and it's only a few minutes from my work..... We met at another KIP a few months ago but this was our first time to spin together.
Nice place to spend lunch.

I lifted this from Karen's blog. She has a nice camera.
Not many people there or I would have had someone take a pic of us both spinning.

Karen finishing her pretty batt of fiber.

Last but not least, the rest of the Cormo fleece arrived. After taking the 12 bags out of the box I realized I had to re-organize the stash to make it all fit.

Morro Fleece Works did a wonderful job of processing. I had 3 fleeces totaling 12 pounds that ended up at 9.4 pounds of pin drafted heaven. This may not be interesting to everyone but if you were thinking about the yield, Morro said it would be between 20% and 40% loss after processing with fine fiber like this. Mine was right at 20% :) Time to make some yarn now. Oh they measured out at 16.7 micron... Yes I have a lab to check this. :)

That's Cormo on the left 2nd shelf from the bottom and the 13 bags on the top.
The three bags to the right are the superwash merino and the merino seacell is next to that.

More to say but time for bed now.

Life is Good


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    You're spinning fiber collection is looking pretty good - looks like it will soon outweigh your yarn collection :-)

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Yep, when Debbie gets tired of all that lovely hand spun yarn, I plan to be first in line... I can dream : )

    - Denise

  3. I'm so glad you had good experiences with Morro!


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