Monday, September 18, 2006

Heavenly Wood

Yes I consider myself a yarn snob and now I must include myself in the knitting needle snob club.
I have always loved the fine wood needles since I started less than a year ago. When this all started, the Mrs. had an assortment of aluminum, and plastic needles and I bought bamboo circulars for the first project but that quickly steam rolled out of control. We now have a huge assortment of almost everything available. I bought the new Lantern Moon Destiny Needles the first day they were available from a mail order warehouse that happened to be privy to advanced product. While writing this blog I summed the excel sheet and as of last week and we were at ummm 65 needles yes that is including double pointers separately. (yes I'm an engineer so I have excel sheets for the needle list and our entire yarn stash in nauseating detail, I know "get a life" but it has really helped when locating an additional ball of yarn of the same color and lot # we needed to complete a project that was bought 6 months earlier.)
I digressed from my original thought;
When I saw the new Knit picks Circular needles I thought we need these! Even though we already have most sizes and most lengths of Adi's alreday but the tip is just a bit too dull for my taste. The new Knit Picks modular circulars and they arrived last week, great product, nice smooth join and very sharp. I must say, very impressed but certain yarns just don’t work well with metal needles, pure Silk for one and cashmere and some cashmerinos. Like I said earlier, yarn snob and we love silk, just check the stash flickr and see all the Twisted Sisters, Alchemy and alpaca silk. Soooooooooo, I have been looking for what have been coined as the Stradivarius of knitting needles. If you haven’t had the pleasure to try them they are the most amazing needles on the face of the earth. Pricey? Like buying a Ferrari instead of the Toyota/Nissan. You both get to the same destination but one has a smile because he got to drive there and the other is just happy to reach his or her destination. Why would someone pay 3 or 4, 5 or even 6 times the price to knit on little wooden sticks? Two words Holz & Stein

The rosewood ones are like the smothest wood with the most amazing grain I have ever seen on rosewood. The ebony circulars are even better in my estimation. If you have used ebony circulars then you know. whese are like Adi Turbos they are so smooth with just the hint of friction that all of us wooden needle lover enjoy on slick fiber. The tips are sharp and the join on the circs are perfect. As they should be for the cost. I wish the Lantern moon were as nice.

Will I replace all my needles? Maybe if I win the loto but otherwise I will make more projects on the needles I have.


  1. Mrs. Twisted10:53 AM

    Now you all can see why he worries me! Can you say OBSESSED? :)

  2. Mrs. Peg Legg1:08 PM

    Avast! Ye shivah me timbers every day ya old salt! Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day me matey!


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