Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Missing comments and "The Color Purple"

Hi all, I'm not talking about Oprah here at least not this time.

I just happened to click the "Moderate Comments" and noticed that I wasn't notified of some of the comments some of you lovely people made to my ramblings. I will have to check this as well as my e-mail for any future comments.

I remember one of our friends in the Bay Area who had the same issues a few months ago.

I wasn't ignoring you I just didn't know you had written anything. Thanks for the visit.

Attention all you lurkers:
Can you all do me a favor, it can even be anonymous if you like. Please let me know your fiber of choice and the colorway that tends to dominate your stash and or out number the other colors in your purchases. Are you a Green person or a Blue person or a Crimson sunset lover. I'm just an inquiring mind who wants to know

I have been drawn to hand dyed pure silk and silk blends lately. Purple or the purple variation colorway. But now leaning towards any deep rich color (Platinum to Tomato to Caribbean Teal).

I also buy fiber without a project in mind but it tends to inspire.

Someday it will be a lace stole.... Just a swatch to see the gauge and color


  1. Mrs. Twisted12:39 PM

    Usually, I go for turquoise, bright pink and any shade of purple; but as Fall approaches, I'm all about the deepest reds. I love color any time of year tho!

  2. Favorite colors? I like blue-based colors -- purples, blues (obviously), deep reds, greens. I am trying to branch out a little and mix in other colors.
    Favorite yarn? One of my recent favorites has been a wool and silk blend aran tweed. I usually stay with wool blends but I surprised myself and just finished a scarf with 'Oh My' by Plymouth Yarn that is 100% nylon (it is luscious).
    Thanx for asking

  3. I would love to see your scarf if you have a chance to post it on your blog. I think it's hard not to love the wool silk blends. You get the warmth of wool and the special sheen of silk. I havent seen the "Oh My" Yarn yet.

  4. I agree... I like that special sheen that silk adds to the wool plus adding that wonderful quality to the texture.

    Your purple yarn waiting to be a lace stole is gorgeous!

    Thank you - I will post the 'Oh My' scarf soon. I am not sure about the bind off. I knitted it with the length of the scarf on the needles and I don't think the usual bind off looks quite right. I am going to have to do a little research.

  5. The fiber is a limited edition from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio. Hand Painted by Lori Lawson for La Petite Knitterie. It's 268yds of DK 100% silk and when my skills catch up to my enthusiasm Mrs. Twisted will have a one of a kind lace stole.

    Try this source for various cast off methods.



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