Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Look what the yarn stork brought today...

I ordered this over the weekend. A little sample of the various yarns from Knit Picks that I may want to use in the future. I love touching and generally just manhandling the fiberin the shops but it's hard to give it the once over when buying online. We all have the little test we do either smelling, touching my face etcetera to see if it passes the softness test. Then it must pass the swatch test after I get it home before I invest in mass quantities. Buying fiber online can be a crap shoot but so far the Knit Picks fiber is a great value. It's mostly merino wool, alpaca, and slik blends. Three Cashmere blends are in the bunch too and a couple Pima cotton. 16 yarns - 21 balls/hanks

Best of all We got the new knit picks interchangable needles too!!!!

Item No. Description Quantity
90245 Options Interchangeable
Nickel Plated Circular Needle Set 1
23925 Aubergine Telemark 1

23877 Bordeaux Swish Superwash 1

23868 Concord Grape Gloss 1

23455 Hollyberry Merino Style 1

23452 Tide Pool Merino Style 1

23660 Jewels Shadow 1

23486 Embers Andean Treasure 1

23664 Sweet Peas Gossamer 1

23846 Rocky Mountain Dusk Memories 2

23531 Lilac Elegance 1

23758 Winter Berry Decadence 1

23745 Lavender Ambrosia 1

23749 Cranberry Panache 1

80086 Jump Rings, 9mm, pkg of 100 2

80306 View Sizer 1

23609 Orchid ShineSport 2

23797 Crocus Shine Worsted 2

23831 Wedgewood Main Line 2


  1. Mrs. Twisted5:48 PM

    Mrs. Twisted notices you couldn't wait to open the package with HER, but its ok - I'm not bitter! (you ARE gonna share, right???)

  2. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Twisted,

    What an excellent way to get to know the Knit Picks yarns. I have heard Knit Picks does not sacrifice their quality while offering low prices. I like to touch and hold yarn before I buy it and it does feel like a crap shoot when ordering online. I also recently ordered from Knit Picks and am waiting for Shine Worsted to arrive at my house. I am hoping it will work for the skirt in BGK called Trinity Bay. Have fun with your new needles and yarn.

  3. Damn thats a lot of yarn.

  4. What can I say, I'm /We're knitting for two. Consider it only half because Mrs. Twisted is welcome to any and all yarn in the stash. Hey we only live once and I'm lucky enough to share my love of knitting with the one I love.

  5. I think I need a knitting husband, mine only goes bananas in the hardware store, and there's no yarn there...

  6. I think we're lucky that we share so many common intrest yet can freely express our opinions without reprisal. Best friends, the love of my life and someone who gets excited about a sale on cashmere or mononchromatic verigated silk and best of all, someone who likes shopping as much as I do.

  7. Amanda1:22 PM

    Hi there Mr. and Mrs. Twisted,

    We met last night at ATS and I just had to check out your blog... great stuff! It's so fantastic to see a couple that shares this crazy knitting obsession - you 2 rock!

    P.S. I was the one working on the "Knucks"...

  8. How do you like the Options needles now that you've been using them a few months? I'm seriously thinking of buying a set (can't have too many needles or too much yarn) because they look so much like addis and addis are my absolute favorite needles.


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