Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crisis Averted

Have you ever worked on a project and when you are almost finished you find yourself with too little yarn to complete the project? For the second time in less then a month we had a crisis. Mrs. Twisted is making a pair of cabled gloves with matching hat out of Blue Sky 100% Alpaca. This was a stash reduction project and good faith gesture to one of our friends is moving to Idaho. One small problem though; the pattern required more than the stash allowed. Hat, One glove almost complete sans cuff and one glove minus pinkie, thumb and cuff. Thank the grand plan that includes the Internet because I was able to find one skein of the same fiber in the same color lot six months later in a different LYS so she could finish this before Friday when we go to the going away party for this couple.

Crisis Averted, by the time I finished typing this she completed the gloves and Life is Good.

Almost feel like I need to buy a lotto ticket or something. Oh if you haven’t been to Purl Soho’s distribution warehouse in Costa Mesa then you should sneak over there during your lunch time or the next time you take a "cough cough" sick day. Monday to Friday mid morning until the UPS guy comes In the afternoon.

If you know me or have been reading my blog then you would know I would have a hard time going into a yarn store to buy one skein without getting something else if it just jumped out and said "Buy me!"

Besides the amazing color, and that it's 100% silk,
who could resist yarn called "Scarlett's Dark Secret?"
And no I have no project for this but I'm looking though our library
for some inspirational projects of 326 yards or less.....


  1. Mrs. Twisted,
    Beautiful gloves and hat. I love the cables, and the color is so very pretty.

    The Silk Purse yarn is gorgeous. I can see why it was inspiring.

    Hope you two have a great weekend.


  2. Mrs. Twisted11:56 AM

    My hero saves the day yet again! Thanks honey and I promise to try to figure out how much yarn I'll need before I start next time! Oh and the Scarlett's Dark Secret? YUMMY! You may want to hide that from me....:)

  3. Mrs. Knitster12:00 PM

    Thanks Punkin! The hat pattern is on Knitty and the gloves are from Knitting in the Round - great book. The pictures seem old-fashioned, but I have made so many things from this book! The gloves are actually pretty easy if you pay attention and don't bring them to knit group where you talk too much and pick up stitches on the wrong side of the fingers :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you Punkin...

    The Silk Purse is destined for a beautiful FO. The only decision is if to go back and buy more so I can make something special.

    My lovely wife is very modest in her accomplishments.

  5. Why oh why did you make her anything? The only thing you should have given her was a kick in the butt :)


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