Sunday, September 24, 2006

What a wonderful Year it has been!

To all you lurkers out there in internetland and a few of our friends who read this blog, one year ago today my beautiful bride and I were married. I want to wish you a happy anniversary and to say how much I love you.

My best friend and the love of my life. No matter what we do or where we go it's always better when we share it together. You make my heart race when we hold hands, you give me butterflies when we kiss and "it would be ungentlemanley for me to elaborate any further"......

We took Friday off from work and took the early boat to Catalina. Just a tip to all of you, go mid-week or at least Friday. We found a mini suite online with an ocean view two blocks from the water that was just perfect.

From the boat as we arrived in Avalon Harbor

This picture was taken from the balcony of the Casino

It has been a few years since I was here last but it was the first time
for Mrs. Twisted. The water was a beautiful as I remember and the weather was perfect.
We did the glass bottom boat tour on Friday and there were
only 7 people on the boat including the captain. Can you say off season Weekday?

We did find the only knitting store on the island. Three knitting books and two balls of Misti-Alpaca followed us home.

77 minutes each way on the boat was also a great time to knit in the ocean breeze with the woman of my dreams and the love of my life.


  1. Awww, Jerry, you rock!! Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely bride. May you always be as happy as you are now :)

  2. Mrs. Twisted11:55 AM

    I'm blushing and thinking "honey, keep some of this stuff to yourself!" Happy Anniversary sweetie - it was an awesome trip and I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives...:)

  3. Thank you Inky for the nice works of encouragement.

    I love to see Mrs. Twisted Blush....

  4. What a lovely tribute to your marriage. Congratulations to you both and I am wishing you all the best in the years to come.

  5. Thank you for the nice thoughts and warm wishes.


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