Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just a few things that made me smile lately

A month or so ago we made a pact (the Mrs. And I). We kept seeing amusing or memorable things when we go for a drive so we agreed to take the camera with us to help capture the always entertaining surroundings of Southern California.

Question: Who would want to advertise they had these attributes?

answer: nobody smart or hung.

We love to stop and watch the sunset if we are close to the ocean.

Nothing better than the salty cool breeze and the majestic California coastal sunsets.

This was Saturday evening, south of Laguna Beach.

The sun begins to make the clouds look like Twice Baked cheddar potatoes

or fluffy pink cotton candy

The solitude of sunset

Another tourist on PCH

Can't be all bad when they have a baked potato with pat of melting butter on their plate can they? I don't like sour cream and chives either....

I am a creature of habit. I usually go to the local convenience store/gas station on Tuesday to buy my lotto-Mega tickets and what did I see at the register one single lonely bag of DARK Chocolate M&Ms.

If you know me, you know my favorite color is purple or variations of purple ( Magenta, Maroon, boysenberry etc) and my favorite candies are dark chocolate based. The planets aligned when M&Ms used purple wrappers for the new candy. If only they were peanut M&Ms. Dark chocolate is best when consumed with something salty.

Latest music news I started Guitar lessons last Monday with a new teacher I found on Craig's list, gotta love the internet, and broke out the acoustic guitar to practice. He is the only boy in the clan of three. I don't have cats so I name my Guitars are like children. Today I'll introduce Woody ( not very original but it fits. ) Old school guitar is good. I discovered if you practice or learn new music on the acoustic, it's so much easier to play the same notes on the electrics.

My first guitar a Taylor Big Baby


  1. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:45 AM

    Life is never boring with you sweetie! I love driving around, checking things out - searching for the weird and/or amusing!

  3. Thanks for your comment on the clogs! Yes, I found your blog through Big Girl Knits. I had to see the blog of the gentleman who knits for his sweetheart, and I found I really enjoyed your blog. Greetings to you and Mrs. Twisted.


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