Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ever see a Dolphin wearing a coconut bra?

I want to thank Our lovely friend in SF who sent us these two books recently. The spinners companion is just fuelling the fire for me to buy a spinning wheel. Like I really need the nudge.

We miss you!

Back from Mexico Friday, and had a wisdom tooth removed Saturday No fun there but life goes on. Back on the road for fun times. Saturday afternoon we went to Rogers Garden Center in Newport Beach to see the Orange County Rose Society exhibition. Beautiful roses! I forgot the camera so there are no pics. If you have a chance to visit the Garden center it's amazing. They have a Rosarian there and everything.

Sunday was a nice day of rest. Mid afternoon we took a nice drive down the coast towards Laguna and were suprised with the new costumes on the topiary trees in Corona Del Mar. Most Holidays the trees get decorated and it's just another fun thing we enjoy together. Just one more reason we love Southern Ca.


  1. Mrs. Twisted12:21 PM

    Wow, the costumed dolphin pictures turned out great hon! Its always a treat to take a drive down the coast with you :)

  2. You are welcome for the books :)

    Now if the Mrs. starts the Backyard Leaves scarf...let me know. I'm having some issues with it and could use some help!


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